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She Loves Her Swing

Sarah has absolutely LOVED her swing we bought her from the first time we put her in it. She hated the indoor baby swing. She loves to be outside and since these pics were taken in mid April 2012, not much has changed, except, she is quite a bit bigger. : )

Elizabeth always wants to swing with her sister 

Hope you are still enjoying going “back in time” with me!

GIVE 1 — SAVE 1 Needs you!

I learned about this wonderful website through Ashley. There are several websites for different countries. The website offers encouraging articles and guest posts focusing on adoption. The button above links you to the domestic adoption site. The other really special part of this website is that they highlight one family once a week by posting a submitted short 3-5 video from a family who is in the process of adopting from the United States. The idea is if everyone who watched the video would give $1, what a difference that would make in helping a family adopt!
Right now, the site is need of some guest posts. There are no embryo adoption posts to date and those of you who have adopted through a birth mother or both, please consider submitting one of your past posts. As we have all encouraged each other, now we have an opportunity to encourage a larger adoption community.
Several of you come to mind quickly who have some posts I know would be wonderful to share. In addition to submitting a post on EA, here is a list of what they are looking for:
  • How to choose an adoption agency
  • Older child adoption
  • Adoption from foster care
  • Tips for transitioning
  • How you were lead to adoption
  • Birthparent support and resources
  • Birthparent perspective
  • Adoptee perspective
  • How to prepare extended family for adoption
  • Unique perspectives from transracial families
  • Adoptions of special needs children

So, how about it?? 

Baby Dedication

Okay, another back in time post for you…
Sarah’s Baby Dedication
April 1st, 2012
Grace family Baptist Church 
Conroe, Texas
Listening to one of our elders, share Sarah’s adoption story to the congregation. Some of our kiddos don’t like to be up in front of a large crowd, can you tell?

Our deacon praying over Sarah and our family.

Daddy loves his BabyBear!

Winter of 2012. No, Really, There Was One!

There was a winter in 2012 here in our part of Texas. It lasted about two days in February I believe. : )

So, we bundled BabyBear up for a stroller ride:

She had so much fun on her winter day! (notice our grass is still bright green)

And then…

Winter was over!

I told you we had a short winter!

Yes, I Have Slept Since Then

Yes, I think I did sleep a lot of those first few weeks after Sarah was born. I also know this year with Sarah has gone by so fast. I only posted a few pictures and updates of Sarah during her first 12 months. I do want to have a few posts included on our blog that include some special moments in Sarah’s first year. So, here we go…

Starting around 4 months, we introduced Sarah to the Jumperoo. She never liked the swing, so we weren’t thinking she would like the Jumperoo too much. Well, we were WRONG. She LOVED that thing. She would cry if you took her out too early. She would stay in it until she fell asleep like pictured above. You would ask her if she wanted to get out and she shook her head “No”!

Here she is in a 12 second clip of her telling Dustin “no”. The quality is poor, but you can see her just the same.

Here are some more happy pics of her with her very favorite toy for months to come until her legs got so long that she couldn’t bounce.

Great memories for sure!

**all pics from Feb & Mar 2012**

Embryo Adoption & the Media

This is a longer post I know. Please do not pass over this. Would you read it?

With a presidential election coming soon, all of the “hot” topics are getting plenty of media time. One of those “hot” buttons is abortion vs. the right to life.
Those who believe life is at conception, but abortion should be permitted for instances of rape or incest, please take 7 minutes to watch this. Please do. It is not an “angry” video. It is love. This is my former pastor from our sister church here in Texas. Please watch it. I don’t post videos often do I?


Next, because of the hot topic of abortion vs. the right to life, embryo adoption has been getting a bit more “air” time. Has it been favorable? Are people speaking the truth?  Here is an article published by an unbeliever at Huff Post a couple of weeks ago titled, “Evangelicals Embryo Adoption: Devout Christians Seek A Future For Thousands Of Frozen Embryos” .  When you read this, you can tell that the journalist does not believe life is at conception by her wording in several instances throughout the brief article. She does give awareness to the 600,000 reported frozen embryos presently in the USA though. So exposure is good. I won’t go into the issues that come to mind as I read the article at this time, though I am sure your brain is spinning too with some comments of your own.

Here are a few comments, just on the first page of the hundreds of comments to this article. I wouldn’t continue to the rest of the comments.

“I simply do not see a frozen embryo as a child. I see it only as a potential child.”

“Yeah, right adopting is so hard when it comes to embroys compared to living human beings anywhere in the world! :::eyerolling:::”

“If my embryo was frozen, I would sooner that it die than be raised by fundamentalist Christians, insistent on brainwashing it to become another generation of stem-cell research-stopping, proselytising irritating lunatics that believe the Big Bang was a lie.”

“Meanwhile, thousands of children (especially those who aren’t white or have disabilities of some kind) wait to be adopted out of the foster system. But by all means, “save” the insentient cluster of cells first.”
Wow. Those are strong words. It is important that we are bold to speak for the rights of the unborn. There are so many who are willing to disregard life as worthless.
Next, we have a follow up to the previous article written on a website called Jezebel. Well, with a name like that, need I mention that the article speaks unfavorably of EA?

Embryo Adoption: This Is Really a Thing That Is Happening

Here is the opening paragraph:
“Who knew that “Every Sperm is Sacred” would be an anthem of the now-inevitable nadir of the abortion debate? Case in point: Evangelical couples doing their part to save babies by adopting… other couples’ frozen embryos. And then unfreezing the embryos, implanting them in evangelical wombs, giving birth to them, and parading their miracle popsicle babies around as examples of how they’d been fully human this whole time.”

That is correct. They have been fully human this whole time. Well, Jezebel and the rest of the naysayers, say what you will. We know differently.

Don’t we BabyBear?


A lot Can Happen in a Year…or Two


  • We had just returned from Dallas after my appointment for our mock transfer (our clinic is pictured above). We found out we were going to need another $3000 to pay for additional testing I would have to have before the RE would perform the FET.
  • We got to work organizing a giant garage sale with the help of our church family and friends. The Lord blessed us with over $3,000 in this garage sale.

  • I was holding a one month old precious baby girl in my arms for hours on end. I was soaking in every coo, cry, little breath, every squirm and wiggle.

  • Watching that same little girl walk, okay, run as fast as her chunky, little legs can take her across the room. She is 13 months old today!
  • I am gathering all the last pieces of paperwork to send to the social worker to complete our home study. We have one form to notarize and we have everything ready to mail.

  • and 2 years later…I think I am finding the itch (thanks to the children) to gear up for a garage & yard sale once again!
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