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Help a Friend Win a Scholarship

Our sons’ two friends, Taylor Parker & Zachary Horner, entered a scholarship contest through College Plus. Our son Dustin is enrolled in their program and recently completed his first CLEP for dual credit. College Plus! is a great program and I will dedicate another post to sharing about them, but for now, I am asking that you take a moment to go view their video entry and if you feel this young man worthy of receiving a $25,000 scholarship, please click the vote button. Today is the final day to vote. He currently is in first place. The audience award for the best video is a a smaller cash prize. If our sons’ friends win that prize it will go to Zachary Horner to purchase film making equipment as he is an aspiring film maker and composer. You can hear some of this young man’s music on our church website and and for purchase and quick download-links below.  Thank you everyone for taking a minute to help these two young men achieve their goals!

***To see the video and vote click HERE***

***To hear Zachary’s music click HERE***

We are Back!

We are one week away from celebrating this baby girl’s FIRST birthday! I truly cannot believe we are at the one year mark already. We have had a wonderful year enjoying our sweet BabyBear! The last few months have been a whirlwind for sure. Rhea has traveled so very much out of town this year and these last few months have certainly been a challenge for him (and us).
Also, Rhea’s mother was presented with some health challenges this year. She has had several surgeries and the latest one brought she and Rhea’s dad here to stay with us for six weeks while she recovered. They will be with us another week or so before returning home. 
Sarah took her first two steps last week for her Daddy before he flew away on business. She hasn’t taken another step again since then, but she is very close. She is already so busy and very fast to get to where she wants to go. She is loving solid food and though she eats a lot, she started waking again at night to nurse. Hmmm… still working on that one. We started her on goat’s milk this week and she really likes that. We will be getting milk every week from some friends who have a farm. I tasted it and we can’t tell the difference between it and cow’s milk. We are blessed to be able to have access to getting fresh milk for her. 
So, This Sunday is sweet baby girl’s first birthday. We are all looking forward to celebrating her big day. 
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