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Backyard Swingtime

She may not be smiling, but it is one of Sarah’s favorite things to do. She loves being outside!

(photos by Levi)

New Baby Teeth & Blowing Kisses

Sarah makes so many silly faces. It is difficult to capture them on the camera, but we continue to try. Here I missed her silly face, but you can see her bottom teeth and her crystal blue eyes.

She is a master at flipping her tongue upside down. She does it often. You can also see her new top teeth that broke through last week.

And most recently, she started blowing kisses! : )

Sleepy Baby

I love how Sarah can fall asleep on both her brothers. Dustin can hold her at church and she just goes “klunk” (as we call it) and Levi was holding her here at their great-grandfather’s 90th birthday party. Sarah is almost 9 months old– So hard to believe. She is crawling everywhere and starting to pull up on everything she can grab. Our days are happily busy.

Happy Double Birthdays

On the morning of Dustin’s 5th birthday, I woke to the pain of consistent labor contractions. Yes, Dustin’s baby sister was to be born on his 5th birthday. Now, twelve years later we are celebrating the lives of these two precious children.

We had a great birthday celebration, though it was fast, rushed and a blur because we also found out about our trip to Galveston the night before and spent their birthday packing and organizing for peeps to help us take care of things around here while we were gone. So, store bought pies it was, but they were so grateful and happy to just celebrate with each other.

  Dustin received a MacBookPro we found on Craigslist. Dustin worked on some programming, added some RAM and he is happy as a clam now. He is spending his mornings working on his college studies and a couple of hours after lunch finishing up his high school studies. Though he lost a school year with Lyme Disease, he still will graduate on time in 2013 and should easily have 50 hours completed for college by next May. Dustin enjoys woodworking, tending to the property and farm chores, computer programming, reading, playing piano, and hunting and fishing whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Rebecca received a Lionhead rabbit buck to add to her growing breeding herd. Lionheads are a sweet dwarf breed that have great personalities. She will have photos and information on each of her breeds she is raising on the “Our Rabbitry” tab very soon. 
Rebecca also received a special gift form her brothers. Both boys offered their handiwork skills to build her next two hutches and watering system she needed for her rabbitry. Rebecca has been working diligently to earn money for supplies for the hutches and for the English Spots and American Fuzzy Lops she wanted to add to her  rabbitry with her Lionhead herd. Besides tending to her many bunnies, Rebecca loves to cook, sew, knit, crochet, read, help take care of her younger sisters, and garden.
So, with the birthday celebration coming to a close…

Sarah was letting us know that she was all partied out : )

Elizabeth wondered if we could hurry up and get to the beach already!

A Quick Beach Getaway

It was last minute, spontaneous, and only for a couple of days, but we had a wonderful trip to Galveston at Rhea’s clients’ beach home in Galveston.

It was fun to swim in the pool, ride waves, hunt for seashells, build a family sandcastle, play board games, and just plain RELAX and be a family.

 It was Sarah’s first time to the beach and unlike all our other kiddos at that age, she really enjoyed the sand and water!  The wind was unusually rough and putting up an umbrella for shade wasn’t going to work, so we had to bring down Sarah early in the day and late in the afternoon to protect that baby soft skin.

She loved the sand so much, we had to watch her closely as she would eat it.

We hope to get back to the beach very soon!

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