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Happy Transfer Anniversary Baby Girl!

I have not forgotten to update. It is just that blogging with a newborn and 4 other kiddos has not allowed the time. I am soaking in all these first months of baby days as much as possible. Baby girl is a dream and a blessing!
One year ago today, she, after being frozen for TEN years, along with 2 of her biological siblings, were transferred into my womb.

Here I am, one year ago, with the embryologist minutes before the transfer:

And here she is today:

Embryo Adoption has been a beautiful path for our family! We thank our Lord for bringing us to this place.


Rabbit Care


Our rabbitry is really not “ours”, but our daughter Rebecca’s. She is in the process of naming her rabbitry and registering it with the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA). She raises and breeds mostly miniature/dwarf breeds for pets, breeding and showing. All of her breeds train easily to a litterbox. For those who would like a rabbit as a pet, the breeds are smart, sweet, and gentle in personality.
She is currently raising her soon to be breeding stock. She will post photos soon of her current herd.
Her first litters should be born Fall 2012.

Please look at her other tabs for more information on each breed and contact information to reach Rebecca.

Our English Spot Nestbox

Rebecca’s first English Spot litter will be due in October 2012.¬†Please contact her for information on reserving a bunny to raise to show, breed, or have as a family pet.
email Rebecca with any questions you may have. She loves to share what she knows about this wonderful British breed!



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