Monthly Archives: September 2011

Still waiting

On dr to check me. Though contrx are 2 min apart and stronger. I don’t seeme going home. Just trying to stay relaxed whe listening to Fernando Ortega. Loving psalm 37 right now too.


Didn’t make a lot of progress overnight. Baby still high. Pitocin started. If it doesn’t work and baby is still strong, Dr. will send me home this evening and we will try again next week.

We are here

We are in our room. I was 1cm/40% effaced. Took first dose of Cytotec at 10:00. Next check/dose at 4:00 a.m. Pitocin starts at 7:30. :)It is hard to believe that the bassinet next to me will have our baby in it tomorrow!! Thank you Lord! (posting from my phone)

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