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One Month Ago…

…I had my final doctor’s appointment.
This is me before I left:
The next evening I left for the hospital to begin our induction.
Here is our final family photo with Baby Girl on the “inside”
Then 65 hours later… I was standing in my family room with our baby (oh so, tired, but sooo very happy & blessed)!

3 weeks old

PookieBear just can’t get enough of her baby sister¬†
Daddy giving Baby Girl a bath

She is #17!

My sister came in town this past Thursday and stayed through yesterday morning. She was such a help to us and she enjoyed being with her newest niece!
Our agency Nightlight Christian Adoptions sent this to our sweet baby girl. She is the 17th baby born in their “Snowflake” EA program in 2011 and she is the 276th baby born to date since the program began in 1997. That is 276 babies who survived thawing, growing in their adopted mothers’ wombs, and then coming into this world by birth to grow in their new families! God is so very good!

Couldn’t Help It…more pictures

Leevster and his littlest sister. He has a knack for getting her settled for her morning nap!

D-man has been working hard with his Daddy getting this project completed. D-man gets dropped off at home around 6:00. He showers, eats and has family worship with all of us. Last night, after we finished family worship, I went to tuck in PookieBear. I came back to find these two in the family room still.

And then there is just this “couldn’t you just cuddle her all day long?” picture. She loves to be swaddled. She is also a tummy sleeper, but when she is good and asleep, I can flip her over for some photos!

She Does Look Like Her Oldest Brother!

After our sweet girl was born, Rhea commented on how much she looked like D-man when he was born. I did see the resemblance, but it wasn’t until after we brought her home and Rhea got out D-man’s baby pictures that we really saw it. You can judge for yourselves. Funny, an old friend, commented on yesterday’s post that she noticed the resemblance before I even mentioned it to you all! ; )

D-man 1 day old
Baby girl 1 day old

How about that! Now if she didn’t look a thing like any of us, we wouldn’t care. Our hearts explode with love for this sweet baby. There is not one ounce of difference in the love I have for this baby and the love I have for my biological children. She is part of me. This adoption experience went on the most windy road I ever thought possible, but Rhea and I still tear up at God’s goodness and love as He steered us to EA. I’d do it all again if I could, and who knows, maybe God will allow us to do it all again. We love you sweet girl!!

To God be the glory!

More Pictures You Say??

Things have been going well at our home except the fact that we miss Rhea so much as he is away at a very focused & detailed project from 6:30 a.m. to midnight 6 days a week. This past week, he had to work 7 days straight. Thankfully with our phones, I can text him Scripture, and photos & sound recordings throughout the day of the kiddos. We are so grateful for our baby girl and she is well loved and held often as you can imagine! Enjoy some photos and I will continue to work on finishing the birth story to share in an upcoming post : )

PookieBear & Her Baby Sister

We are adjusting to all that a newborn brings to a family. We are loving every moment of this sweet precious baby. I am soaking in every smell, coo, cry, cuddle and snuggle these first few days. It has been a very special time for our family. I will post her birth story soon for those who like reading that kind of thing ; ) One week ago at this exact time, I was less than three hours away from holding our sweet baby on my chest for the first time!

Here she is!

Mudpuppy is a …

Girl!!!! Our precious little one was born Friday night at 9:54 pm. She weighed 8lbs. 9ioz and 21 3/4 in. long. We are all doing well!!

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