Dear Mommy, Daddy, & all my Caring Doctors,

Dear Mommy, Daddy, & all my Caring Doctors,

I am having fun keeping you all on your toes! I am glad Mommy’s appt went well today and that she is healthy and still on schedule for induction at the end of the month. By now, you have all learned that I like to flip. I like to flip a lot actually. So much, that it is fun to watch all of your faces each week when you see me in a new position on the ultrasound screen. It is fun to try out new positions to find just the right comfy spot. I like this one so far a bit better than others. Though it has only been a couple of days and I tend to change positions several times within one week. I know this is not your favorite position Mommy for me to be in, but hey, it’s better than the transverse position I was in last week huh?

So, I am thinking I should get a 10.0 from the judges for this great pike position off the diving board? Don’t you?

If you remember in the ultrasound, I was in perfect pike position with straight legs and had my arms wrapped around my ankles. You guys should have seen your faces! I am glad you are not concerned Dr. M and realize I am just having fun. I will do my best to be in the position you want me to be in on induction day. I heard you say that you will physically move me with a procedure called a version if I do not behave on induction day.  Mommy, remember to drink more fluids. It is over 105 degrees out there! I can’t wait for our next appointment. Anyone want to guess what position I will choose for next Thursday?
Much love, Your sweet & busy baby, 
p.s. Tell my siblings I am sorry I was not in a position for pictures today. I will try better next week. : )

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