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100 Days to Go & What I Have Been Sewing

Tomorrow marks 100 days until our due date! However, we already know that I will be having the baby sometime between mid and late August, so really we are closer than that for our baby’s birthday!!

BooBear and I enjoy sewing together (we are learning together and are both very GREEN beginners). We especially like to sew gifts for others when we have the opportunity. A friend of ours recently had a baby and I decided to sew some cloth wipes for the family. BooBear usually helps me, but she is busy sewing her little sister’s swimsuit to match hers that she recently finished. I will post pics of them together after Pookie’s suit is completed.

So, while BooBear was working on her project, I made these cloth wipes. My sister uses cloth diapers for her son and these are her favorite kind. I am not sure if this mother is using cloth diapers, but these cloths make great washcloths too.

First, I started with basic flannel, though I use decorative flannel when I can find it on a great sale.  I also use terry cloth. The idea is to have a large square 9″ x 9″ with one side with soft flannel and one side with terry (for those stubborn diaper changes). This is a large wipe that most daddies will appreciate and you can use one side, fold and use, and fold again, for a single diaper change. My sis keeps hers folded in a wipe warmer with a little bit of water and essential oils.

I cut my squares, matched right sides together, used a straight stitch, left an opening, trimmed excess fabric off seams and corners, turned the wipe right side out, pressed wipe with iron, and used a decorative zig-zag stitch around the edges. 

I then bundle them with a ribbon, enclose a card and pop them in the mail. This set is going to a new baby boy. The ribbon above is really lavender, but it showed up pink in the photo for some reason? For gifts, I use brand new flannel and terry. For the wipes BooBear and I are making for our little one, we are using old receiving blankets and worn out hand towels. It was fun to do these yesterday. As I sewed, I prayed for the family who will receive these, for their newborn son, and thanked God for the blessing of new life and for Him filling His children’s quivers!

I Finished!

I finished PookieBear’s dress! 
I even chose the option for the ties (a first time try for me).
Here is the pattern I used. 
Now on to helping the Leevster finish his hunting vest he started! 

24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks pregnant? Really? The 1st trimester was s…o…o…o long and now the 2nd trimester is going by a bit too quickly for me : ) My appointment went well last week. All very straightforward. Cravings? still coffee! So VERY strange as I couldn’t even stand the taste of the stuff when I was pregnant with the other four. My late night bowl of cereal seems to still be a must too.

I continue to nest like crazy. This wonderful weather we have been experiencing in the Houston area has been such a treat. I cannot think of the last time we were able to sleep at night with the windows open in May!

We have the garden planted, I have 2 closets gutted and cleaned out, I have gone through all the hand-me-down clothes and got “real” about what to keep, and I started sewing PookieBear’s new dress. Though, I have not made the kind of progress she would like to see. She wants to wear it, now!

I found a great gentleman’s chest for D-man off Craigs*ist. It looks great in his room. Iy was a needed perk for him as he went on a 3rd antibiotic this week and it has been rough on him. However, because it has been hard on him, we know that more Lyme bacteria is being zapped. He also started 2 online summer school courses this week and he is looking forward to the classes.

I do have pictures to post, but I am going to need to employ a child to upload them all for me off the 2 cameras and my phone so I can share them soon! Well, off to grade some papers and finish that dress for PookieBear!

23 weeks & our family

The last month has flown by, but then it hasn’t. We have been up to all kinds of things! In the last 4 weeks:

  • D-man turned 16 & BooBear turned 11
  • My grandmother died
  • My sister and her boys came to visit
  • We went to Dallas for my grandmother’s memorial service
  • D-man had a rough month with his Lyme Disease
  • D-man has had a great last few days with his Lyme Disease
  • I have felt like I have been on the computer WAY too much
  • I have been on the computer, but it allowed me to be caught up on all the taxes and paperwork for the business.
  • I found a changing table on Craigsl*st
  • I need to find a crib, twin bed for PookieBear, and a chest for D-man
  • I have only gained 7#. With PookieBear at this point I had gained 15# who knows?
  • I need to work out more (period!) using my new DVD (since I have only used it once)
  • I was BLESSED with a stroller, carseat combo from my sis, along with a bouncy seat, maternity clothes, a highchair, a swing, and lots of baby boy newborn clothes (if I have a boy).
  • I feel fantastic and am feeling the baby move a lot.
  • The baby gets hiccups FREQUENTLY! It is the strangest feeling
  • I continue to wonder where all the dirty laundry comes from? Does it hide somewhere? I thought I was caught up!
  • I sewed 2 maternity skirts. They are cute and comfy.
  • I am working on a sundress for PookieBear next
  • BooBear had 10 inches cut off her hair today to donate to Locks of Love.
  • D-man starts 2 online summer school courses next week.
  • We are now official iPh*ne owners (with kids who thankfully program them for us)
  • Rhea’s business is picking up like crazy! Thank you Lord!
  • We decided we would do a vegetable garden this year after all. We had 2 last year and were not going to do one, but the kiddos all want to do one, so better late than never!
  • I have been TOTALLY enjoying my gardenias & roses that are blooming!
  • Our dog is destined to be an outside dog if he keeps going to the neighbor’s property to roll in horse poop
  • Leevster & BooBear continue to take ASL classes and L-O-V-E it! 
  • BooBear is still taking weekly sewing lessons and is learning so much
  • the older 3 kiddos had their spring piano recital last week
  • My kids are into watching the old Roy Rogers episodes right now and BooBear is starting to “talk” like Dale Evans. Yee-Haw!
  • Our Tahoe may not make it through the summer without some major TLC. hmmm….
  • Nesting has begun–tomorrow? PookieBear’s closet!!
  • Cravings? strangely enough….coffee! Also, a big bowl of cereal before bedtime’
  • I have my next appt with the OB on Wednesday. 
  • Mudpuppy is so amazing to us. He/she is such a testimony to God’s faithfulness and providence. We still reflect on the fact that this little tiny one was conceived under a microscope in March of 1999, was frozen for nearly 12 years, transferred by a doctor to my womb, and is kicking me as I type this. Truly AMAZING!
I have pics of some of the above bullet points to share. I will post those with my doctor’s appt update later this week. Love to all of you!!
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