Lyme Disease is a BEAR!

D-man has been battling chronic fatigue something awful. It is debilitating. He is in bed about 20h a day. When he is awake, he is in a fog. This is all a part of chronic Lyme Disease. We just have to keep moving forward with baby steps always trying new things to see if they will help. I am glad I am feeling better so I can be involved in helping research and seek new answers. He has not had one “good” day in over 2 weeks. Please pray for our D-man. It is hard for him as I believe he is realizing that falling a year behind in school is a strong reality.

We have a church conference coming up at the end of the week we are attending. He wants to be able to not only go, but to be clear-headed enough to listen to the speaker. We are praying that not only he will be able to attend, but he will “feel” like being there. Thank you everyone.

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