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19 week Dr. Appointment

Yesterday was an uneventful check up with the OB! The baby’s heartbeat was in the 140’s, the nurse commented on how I had not gained much weight (now that is a first for me to be told that), my blood pressure looked good, no need for blood work this time, and he said I will see you in 4 weeks!

If we are to do any vacationing, my doctor would like me to be home from out-of-state travel by June 30th. I can travel close to home for July, and “Don’t plan to go anywhere in August”. My doctor will start doing weekly stress tests and ultrasounds beginning at 36 weeks. Because of the blood thinners I am on, there is a high likelihood, that my placenta will become less effective and my amniotic fluid will decrease. So, starting at my 36wk appt., I need to be ready to go to the hospital. If any of the weekly tests show either of these things happening, I will be sent to the hospital to be induced. If I check out fine and clear each week, he will not induce until week 39. So the latest day this baby would be born will be Aug 30th.

This is so strange for me to know when this baby will arrive, as I have never been induced and all my babies have come on their own timing, between 41-42 weeks. Rhea’s birthday is in the middle of August and Rhea’s mother is at the end of August, so we will see who gets to be close to Mudpuppy’s birthday.

Lyme Disease is a BEAR!

D-man has been battling chronic fatigue something awful. It is debilitating. He is in bed about 20h a day. When he is awake, he is in a fog. This is all a part of chronic Lyme Disease. We just have to keep moving forward with baby steps always trying new things to see if they will help. I am glad I am feeling better so I can be involved in helping research and seek new answers. He has not had one “good” day in over 2 weeks. Please pray for our D-man. It is hard for him as I believe he is realizing that falling a year behind in school is a strong reality.

We have a church conference coming up at the end of the week we are attending. He wants to be able to not only go, but to be clear-headed enough to listen to the speaker. We are praying that not only he will be able to attend, but he will “feel” like being there. Thank you everyone.

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