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And We Have a Nickname!

Since PookieBear made the comment about the baby being all muddy after she saw the amber-tinted 3D ultrasound pictures yesterday (see yesterday’s post for the picture), we decided that the baby’s nickname will be…..Mudpuppy!


That’s what our little one was playing today at the MFM appointment! Our baby is measuring right on schedule. There were no indications of any birth defects or health challenges. The MFM (who Rhea and I both loved) knew here stuff and we discussed my past thyroid challenges, my current APA/APS diagnosis, and what future visits were necessary. All in all, we could not ask for a better appointment and news. I will definitely be induced no later than 39 weeks, but I understand why and am quite comfortable with that decision. I return to see her in my 3rd trimester, but she told us she felt really good about everything and Rhea and I left on cloud nine!

Could the ultrasound technician tell if it was a boy or a girl? You betcha! Did Rhea decide at the last minute to go ahead and find out? Uh, not a chance! So, we will wait until our little one is born in August to find out if it is a girl or a boy.

After having so many miscarriages, I tell you what, I could have watched that screen with the beating heartbeat for hours. That alone was such a comfort. God has been more than gracious to our family and we are humbled.

BTW, In the past, with the black and white u/s photos, PookieBear told us that the baby must be scared since it was “so dark in there”. Today, with the amber u/s pictures, PookieBear said, “Look, the baby has mud all over it!”

Not 5 months after all!

I am not in my 5th month of PG! You think I could figure this out after 4 kiddos, but no. I went by this chart but then realized that it has a 10th month? I think I will be finding another chart, ha!!

month 1
Nov 29-Dec 26
month 2
Dec 27-Jan 23
month 3
Jan 24-Feb 20
month 4
Feb 21-Mar 20
month 5
Mar 21-Apr 17
month 6
Apr 18-May 15
month 7
May 16-Jun 12
month 8
Jun 13-Jul 10
month 9 
Jul 11-Aug 07
month 10
Aug 08-Sep 04

Well, I thought I didn’t have to go to the Dr. for 4 weeks!

Remember my OB wants me to have a Level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks? Well, apparently my OB sent my chart over to the MFM who my OB wants me to see. I got a call from the MFM’s office today and she wants to see me ASAP. Really? I contacted my OB’s office and they said if the MFM wants to see me sooner than I need to go. His guess is that it probably has to do with my 6 spontaneous miscarriages. Whatever the reason, I am going next Wednesday to the high-risk OB. When scheduling my appointment, the MFM wanted to see me this week, but had one slot open. It would have taken a lot of rearranging for me to make that appointment, so I asked if I could come next week. I was told I could but no later than next Friday (the end of my 17th week). So, next Wednesday afternoon it is! I have never had a Level 2 ultrasound and I heard they are pretty neat. I am making a list of questions to ask the MFM when I go. I will update you after we get home. Oh, and I realized yesterday that I started my 5th month of pregnancy! : )

The Lyme Disease Car is in 2nd Place VOTE AGAIN!

We have moved up 3 spots since yesterday! We are currently only 200 votes from 1st.  We can do this. Please vote again today to help bring awareness to our country about Lyme Disease!

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The Lyme Disease NASCAR is up to 5th Place!!

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Lyme Disease NASCAR-Please Vote!

As you know, our eldest son suffers from Lyme Disease and the tick borne co-infection Bartonella. Toyota is sponsoring a contest for the paint scheme for Michael Waltrip’s car for an upcoming NASCAR race. Please vote EVERY day until 3/26. Please post this on your blog, post it on FB & Twitter (because I am not on those), and  e-mail it to your friends. You do not have to do anything except click on the link and then click on the vote button next to the car. Bringing awareness to this debilitating disease that affects young and old alike is so very important. Thank you for your help!


p.s. If you have time to leave a comment to let Dustin know you voted or passed the link on somehow, I know he’d love to see the response! Thank you all again!

15 week appointment

I had a wonderful appointment today. My BP was fine, the baby’s heart rate was 141 and the best news, I don’t have to go back for 4 weeks! Ahhh…to be low-maintainence again!

The OB did say he wants me to have the Quad-screen test done at the beginning of 20wks and then a Level 2 ultrasound with the high-risk OB he works with. If the high-risk OB sees nothing to be concerned about, my OB says he is “good to go”. I will also have my thyroid levels checked at 20 weeks again, but he said I do not have to retest my glucose again until 28 weeks. I like that news too.

I was confused as to why I needed a Level 2 u/s and that I “had” to have the Quad test run when I thought it was voluntary, but after the OB explained that since the baby is not genetically ours and we don’t know the complete family history, he would feel best checking all that we could at the 20 week mark. It made sense then, but I tell you I have those “oh yeah” moments like today when the doctor told me his thoughts, where I remember that this tiny child growing inside of me is genetically not ours. This type of adoption is so different, but so amazing and I am blessed and honored to have been chosen to mother this little one who is thriving inside of my womb. Thank you God for this gift to our family.

I passed!

I passed my one hour glucose test! PTL! Now, could someone please pass the chocolate cake?

Catching Up…

I am still here! I just haven’t felt up to posting these last few weeks. Having a high-risk  pregnancy has been a new adventure for us and challenging to say the least. The baby is doing well and we continue to thank God daily for the blessing of each new day with this pregnancy.

I went for my 12 week appointment and all was well. The nurse was even able to pick up the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler! I had my OB panel blood work drawn, I was told to stop my supplemental progesterone, and went home. All was good. The next day I woke in the morning and was unable to pee. Well, off to the clinic I went to get a cath. That was a painful ride to the clinic, but I was so glad to get there. The OB did an u/s and found I had an incarcerated uterus. Basically, anatomically speaking, things weren’t in the right place and therefore kinking my bladder and causing the acute urinary retention to happen. The OB’s plan was to have me cut back on liquids in the evening to prevent this from happening again. I was to return in one week for a follow-up u/s for him to determine if my uterus had moved back into place.

All was well for 24+ hours. I woke in the middle of the night that weekend and guess what? Yeppers, I couldn’t “go”. So, off to the ER I went. This time they sent me home with a permanent catheter (NO FUN). I got through the weekend. called my OB on Monday and back I went in for another appt. I had quickly developed a very, very, painful UTI and he put me on antibiotics.

I was having problems with the catheter and had to make another ER visit later, was given strict bed rest for the week and I went back in this past Friday for the next u/s.  We prayed that everything would be “in place”. If it was not, the OB would have to do a manual adjustment to move everything into place. (EEK). We were thrilled to see that the baby & uterus had moved completely to where they needed to be.

Because my condition only happens in about 1 in every 6,000 pregnancies the office was abuzz with talk of my case. So, on my Friday appt, I had 3 nursing students in the exam room with me for the appt, follow up, and cath removal. (LOVELY!) Yes, science experiment I am : )

We are thrilled, and praising God for such a wonderful outcome. Now that I am off the progesterone, my all day m/s is not as severe, but it is still pretty bad and I am praying that it eases up soon. Next, I get a call from my OB that my blood work results came back and that my glucose level was 120! I have never had a problem with any of my pregnancies with my glucose levels, but this time I just might? I went in to take my one hour glucose test this morning. I felt covered in prayer by my friends as I drank the chilled, thick, artificially orange flavored, syrupy, drink. I got it down in the required 5 minutes and I kept it down so I could have my blood drawn 60 minutes later. I will get the results from that test on Friday and then I see the OB again next Wednesday for another checkup. I will be 15 weeks at that point. Our church family has been wonderful to provide meals during the last couple of weeks since I have been down.  Our family has appreciated & been blessed by their love, support, prayers, encouragement. So, there you go. That is the update on our pregnancy.

Our eldest son D-man has continued to battle Lyme Disease with a co-infection of Bartonella. We have seen highs and lows and currently we are seeing the lows. He has a phone appt. with his doctor on Friday and she will evaluate his progress, diet, and meds and maybe we can get things tweaked a bit. Helping a teenager through the process of managing and living with a chronic illness has been challenging and prayers are always appreciated as we work through this trial.

Spring is here and the weather is beautiful. I have all the windows open today and the kiddos have all gone outdoors for a much needed “extended recess” break! I thank you as always for the kind e-mails and prayers and lifting our family up to the Lord. We are grateful to continue this adoption journey as we walk through this pregnancy!

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