Back Once Again from Another Appointment

   I really love my new OB. He is very thorough and was very sensitive to all that we have been through. He went over my medical history thoroughly. I could tell he actually read through everything before he came into the exam room.

   He did the ultrasound himself and he found absolutely no evidence of a Baby B or that there was ever a Baby B. So, the tech at the midwife’s office made a mistake. We are very excited that our little baby is doing well. He/she is measuring at 8w 4d and the HR was 169! We have more pictures and they are more clear than Monday’s photos. I also met with the financial counselor about payment schedules, scheduled my next appointments and then got some information from the hospital for their fees. I was at the medical complex for 2.5 hours.

   I have repeat progesterone/estradiol draws in 2 weeks and then my 12 week appointment 2 weeks later. The OB will be doing another u/s, running a thyroid panel and I am sure a bunch of other blood tests at that time.  I cannot thank you enough for your prayers during these past few weeks. We are so grateful for our strong little baby who is growing! I am off to rest. It has been a long day! : )

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