We are Home from the Ultrasound Appt.

We have one little baby growing with a strong heartbeat of 150 and measuring right on schedule at 8 weeks. It is still so amazing to me after all this time to be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at such an early stage of life. So, without further adieu, we introduce our little baby.

As you know, we had 3 little ones transferred. One of our babies never implanted and we lost he/she very early on. Our other baby just recently stopped growing. We were so excited to see Baby B today. However, no heartbeat was detected and he/she was only measuring a little past 6 weeks. In memory of our little pumpkin, I share with you our sweet baby picture that we will cherish.

It was a bittersweet morning full of tears of joy & sadness. We are in mourning, yet are jubilant at God’s great blessing of continued life in my womb. We are prayerful that our little one will fight, grow, and live for us to teach him/her of God’s amazing love, grace, and power through His Son. We rejoice in God’s goodness, grace, and mercy!

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