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This has been a very tiring day. The fever stayed around 101 most of the day. I went back and forth with the nurse on the phone as she tried to track down my doctor to discuss my case. Finally, the doctor called me himself around 3:00. After we visited, he suspects that my body has been battling against the oil in my PIO injections. Over time, my body is reacting strongly to it. He is taking me off the injections and moving me to suppositories. He had me go to my midwife to have blood drawn for a CBC and give a urine sample to make sure I do not have a UTI. The midwife will call me with the results in the morning before she faxes them to my doctor. My doctor and the midwife reassured me that my fever is not dangerous to the baby. I am to rest, drink plenty of liquids, and rest some more!

The pharmacy called a bit ago to confirm that I knew that a one week’s supply of the progesterone gel/applicators my doctor prescribed was $248! Uh, well, okay. All for the babies. Did I happen to mention that I had the midwife check off the hCG Quant. box on the lab form? ; ) I’ll will post all the findings when they call in the morning. I thank you for your prayers today. I am feeling so much better this evening and even was able to eat a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.

Oh and one more thing. I can get my u/s done at the midwife’s clinic on the 24th and don’t have to go to Dallas!

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  • Keep us posted! Hope you get this settled soon!

  • I sure hope stopping the injections stops this fever for you. I know a fever can be scary during pregnancy.

    Praying for good news in the morning. Been thinking of you!!

  • I’m glad they have an idea now of what’s going on! Praying that you feel better soon!

  • Oh, praying you get some relief…and what encouraging news to know that the fever isn’t harming your babes. God bless whoever made that homemade chicken soup for you!!!! Hugs and love, Amy

  • are you doing crinone gel or compounded suppositories? compounded suppositories are less expensive, especially if you find a compounding pharmacy that is making them from scratch rather than using a compounding kit. I’ve made them both ways. if you’re going to do suppositories, consider calling several compounding pharmacies in your area for pricing. The compounding kits make them easy for pharmacists to whip up a batch in 10 minutes of prep time before refrigeration, but one can make them cheaper (but more labor intensive) by buying bulk progesterone, suppository base, and suppository molds… but one’s only going to do this from scratch if they are making lots of them expecting multiple prescriptions for them.

  • uggghhh! Can’t wait to her how things go with the labs! Been praying for you! You may just help me decide which way to go on the prog..

  • Well, I am so glad that it sounds like you at least have a plan. At least everyone is on the same page for now and you can go on from there. I’m so sorry it has been such a hard day.

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