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It Fits

Back Once Again from Another Appointment

   I really love my new OB. He is very thorough and was very sensitive to all that we have been through. He went over my medical history thoroughly. I could tell he actually read through everything before he came into the exam room.

   He did the ultrasound himself and he found absolutely no evidence of a Baby B or that there was ever a Baby B. So, the tech at the midwife’s office made a mistake. We are very excited that our little baby is doing well. He/she is measuring at 8w 4d and the HR was 169! We have more pictures and they are more clear than Monday’s photos. I also met with the financial counselor about payment schedules, scheduled my next appointments and then got some information from the hospital for their fees. I was at the medical complex for 2.5 hours.

   I have repeat progesterone/estradiol draws in 2 weeks and then my 12 week appointment 2 weeks later. The OB will be doing another u/s, running a thyroid panel and I am sure a bunch of other blood tests at that time.  I cannot thank you enough for your prayers during these past few weeks. We are so grateful for our strong little baby who is growing! I am off to rest. It has been a long day! : )

More Changes

I spoke with the nurse & doctor at RE’s office today. Based on my estradiol level, I can officially stop wearing the estrogen patches. My progesterone was 20. Dr. M is comfortable with this level and I am to remain on the Crinone progesterone supplement and retest my level in 2 weeks.

Next, we discussed my ultrasound report from yesterday. He would like me to get into see an OB sooner than later. He said he would like my OB to evaluate the twin situation himself. Here are the reasons why:

  • sometimes my RE has seen a twin that is slower to grow, but catches up. He didn’t want us to get our hopes up, but wanted the OB to do his own ultrasound and determine what is going on with twin B.
  • Since I have APS, an autoimmune blood clotting disorder, my RE would like Baby B to be examined thoroughly by ultrasound and to check the blood flow/circulation to Baby A.
  • If twin B has stopped growing, more than likely my body will reabsorb the baby, but there is a chance I will experience spotting and possible bleeding. With me being on blood thinners, this could be a concern. Thus another reason for me to become an established patient with my new OB in case of an emergency.

I had an appointment scheduled for Thursday with the OB, but after the RE called, he suggested me going in tomorrow if possible. Dr. M (my new OB) was able to get me in tomorrow afternoon. Rhea will not be able to be with me for this appointment as he already had meetings scheduled tomorrow.

Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom regarding my pregnancy and for my all day morning sickness to be manageable for travel and during the appointment. Thank you everyone. I will update tomorrow as soon as I am able.

    We are Home from the Ultrasound Appt.

    We have one little baby growing with a strong heartbeat of 150 and measuring right on schedule at 8 weeks. It is still so amazing to me after all this time to be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat at such an early stage of life. So, without further adieu, we introduce our little baby.

    As you know, we had 3 little ones transferred. One of our babies never implanted and we lost he/she very early on. Our other baby just recently stopped growing. We were so excited to see Baby B today. However, no heartbeat was detected and he/she was only measuring a little past 6 weeks. In memory of our little pumpkin, I share with you our sweet baby picture that we will cherish.

    It was a bittersweet morning full of tears of joy & sadness. We are in mourning, yet are jubilant at God’s great blessing of continued life in my womb. We are prayerful that our little one will fight, grow, and live for us to teach him/her of God’s amazing love, grace, and power through His Son. We rejoice in God’s goodness, grace, and mercy!

    Leaving for Our Appt

    We are leaving in about 1/2 hour for our u/s appointment. It has taken me literally 2 hours to get ready. I have to keep taking breaks b/c of morning sickness. ugh. I know that m/s is a very good sign, so no complaints-just letting you know how it is around here. Thank you for your e-mails & texts letting us know you remember what today is and are as anxious as we are to see what God has planned for our family. I will be back with some news later this morning…

    Queasy is a Good Thing

    Okay, in search of a “funny” morning sickness pic to put on today’s post, I Googled morning sickness images. I know, I know, who knows what was about to pop up on my screen right? Do you want to know what showed up? Photo after photo of beautiful, thin, 20-something women in plush white robes in beds that look like they are staying at the Ritz-Carlton. The women who were actually photographed in a bathroom were still in their plush white robes with their perfect hair. They had distraught looks on their faces as they stared at the brand new, shiny, designer toilets.
    So, since NONE of those photos fit the picture of my life right now, I skipped the idea of posting a funny pic for you!

    I do have 24 hour queasiness going on. I haven’t actually been “sick” yet, but I definitely with each passing day am getting closer to being there. This is all good. No complaints from me, Rhea, or the kids, but I know they miss me making dinner this week. We have a little over a week to go before our ultrasound and we are getting so excited to “see” our baby(ies). In the meantime, I need to type up my health history to take to our new OB. Our last kiddo was a home birth with a midwife, but with my new diagnosis of APS, I will have to deliver in a hospital. So, interviewing OBs will be what Rhea & I do in the days following the u/s.

    I did get to spend most of the day at the hospital holding my friend’s new baby girl. She was 5# 13 oz when she was born and doing great. I have never held a baby that small. It was such a blessing to be with her and her momma. My friend has APS too and we have become a lot closer in the last 9 months. I feel so awful today stomach wise, but getting out and being with her passed the time and was such a treat and an honor to be able to be with my friend and her baby for the day!

    Now If I Could Just Breathe?

    No, really, I am breathing! I am praising God each and every hour for the wonderful life He has seen fit to place inside my womb. I feel so much better now that I am off that PIO! I am a new person. Whew, that was a mess!  I am dumbfounded though that  morning sickness has not hit yet. I am usually down with it starting at 5wks. Each pregnancy is different I know, but all of my kiddos made me so very ill! This time around, EVERYTHING is so different with this pregnancy, I am learning even more to trust the Lord, lean on His promises, and take advantage of the good days I have right now.

    As most of you know, I have had 6 miscarriages. 4 of them have been consecutive and in the last 2 years. I have lost each of the last 4 between 6-8 weeks into my pregnancy. Now that the doctor found that the cause was more than likely caused by APS (an autoimmune blood clotting disorder) I am on Lovenox, a blood thinner injection, once a day. I also take a low dose aspirin every evening. These next couple of weeks will be my next challenge emotionally. I continue to seek Scripture and turn to prayer whenever I feel doubt/fear start to even start to creep in. I confess it and then rejoice at the lives and the bright day of motherhood I have at this very moment. It is a challenge though I will confess. I have been playing some beautiful CDs of hymns played on the piano the last few days and it truly keeps the tone so peaceful in our home.

    Our ultrasound will be right at 8 weeks and yes, I am crossing of the days on the calendar with X’s! We have not had snow in the BIG storm of the South, but my kids really had hoped for some. Dallas got some, but nothing much further south than that. There is still a few weeks left for us to “maybe” get a flurry? We can only dream…

    The Cause of the 10 Day Fever

    The test results are in, all was clear and the Dr.’s hunch was right. I have been having a reaction to the progesterone’s carrier oil ethyl oleate. So, no more PIO injections for me. I will be  using Crinone from here on out. I will happily go pick it up today from the pharmacist.

    Oh, and that extra Beta I asked to be snuck in?? 2166! That is a rise from 1134 in 30 hours! I am elated and praising God for His protection over these little ones. So, the drama should subside a bit and I can get back to grading papers, teaching lessons, preparing taxes, and cooking meals (the last will make my family happy). Thank you for your prayers as always. They are appreciated and never taken for granted.

    evening update…

    This has been a very tiring day. The fever stayed around 101 most of the day. I went back and forth with the nurse on the phone as she tried to track down my doctor to discuss my case. Finally, the doctor called me himself around 3:00. After we visited, he suspects that my body has been battling against the oil in my PIO injections. Over time, my body is reacting strongly to it. He is taking me off the injections and moving me to suppositories. He had me go to my midwife to have blood drawn for a CBC and give a urine sample to make sure I do not have a UTI. The midwife will call me with the results in the morning before she faxes them to my doctor. My doctor and the midwife reassured me that my fever is not dangerous to the baby. I am to rest, drink plenty of liquids, and rest some more!

    The pharmacy called a bit ago to confirm that I knew that a one week’s supply of the progesterone gel/applicators my doctor prescribed was $248! Uh, well, okay. All for the babies. Did I happen to mention that I had the midwife check off the hCG Quant. box on the lab form? ; ) I’ll will post all the findings when they call in the morning. I thank you for your prayers today. I am feeling so much better this evening and even was able to eat a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.

    Oh and one more thing. I can get my u/s done at the midwife’s clinic on the 24th and don’t have to go to Dallas!

    Waiting for the Call

    Well, my temperature did go up last night to 101 and I had to page the nurse. She told me to take 2 extra strength Tylenol. The ones I had were the 8 hour kind. So, at 3 a.m. right at the 8 hour mark, my fever was back to 101. I took some more, kept drinking cool water, cool wash cloth on my forehead and put the ceiling fan on high. I dozed from about 4:30 or so until 7:00. I have no symptoms to date with this fever except body aches and chills.

    Now I am waiting for a call from the clinic. The nurse will be consulting with the doctor on my fever situation this morning and see if he wants me to go in to have a CBC run to check my white blood count. If I do, I will be asking to throw one last hCG on there : ) –might as well?

    Thank you for your encouragement. I am hopeful and prayerful through all of this. I will update when I hear from the clinic. I got up long enough to do my injections and do this quick post.

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