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What’s Up With Pineapple?

I was going through notes/lists preparing to leave and I ran across a note I jotted down about eating pineapple before/after the transfer? Is this a myth or if not, how is the pineapple supposed to help? I have one here at the house to take. We eat pineapple anyway, I just was curious about pineapple & transfers!

BTW, today is the first day for me to do PIO shots 2x a day. I still struggle with these. I did my first Lovenox injection today and it was just fine! A little ice before/after and no burning or bruising! Now, off to organizing the packing…

Short, Purple, Still So Bright…HOPE

This is one of Pookie’s serious stares. She can be so lighthearted, silly, and funny. Other times she is intense, focused and serious. I have leaned a lot to the serious side the last few days. It could be I dread those PIO shots, I dread the upcoming Lovenox shots, or because I have so much to do before we leave on Thursday. Today was the toughest day yet. We even had to cancel plans for tonight that I had been looking forward to for weeks. This is all in God’s hands though and I continue to pray through my To-Do list. Still, I am struggling for peace and calm these last few days.

When we lit the Advent candles tonight, the kids were concerned that our 1st purple candle was burning low and may not last to the end of Advent. I assured them we had more candles we could use. They told me that it wouldn’t be the same and it needed to be shorter, but not burned up.  I sat and stared at the shortest purple candle glowing as it burned and my heart calmed– it truly calmed as I reflected on the meaning that this little short burning low candle had to offer–Hope. There is great Hope. I am about to go do my dreaded PIO shot myself, but I am peaceful once again and calm and focusing on the bright light this short candle gives and the  Light of Hope that comforts my soul. Thank you Jesus!

What PookieBear Said Last Night

This little girl is on a roll!

I am rocking PookieBear last night and singing Away in a Manger to her.
I am singing, “…the little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.”
She says, ” Mommy, baby Jesus didn’t have a pillow?”
I say, “No, he slept on a bed of hay.”
She says, “Awww, I’d give him a pillow if I was his Mommy.”

A Conversation with PookieBear

I am cleaning the kitchen with BooBear (BB-age 10) this morning and PookieBear (PB-age 3) is cleaning her play kitchen next to us. The conversation goes like this:

PB: I love you Mommy.
Me: I love you too baby girl.
PB: I not your BABY girl anymore.
BB: You are Mommy’s youngest girl and that makes you her baby girl.
PB to BB: No, Mommy has all our babies.
PB to Me: Mommy, are all the babies in your tummy now?
Me: No sweetie, not yet.
BB: The babies are all in Dallas and we have to go to Dallas so the doctor can put them in Mommy’s tummy.
PB: Oh. Mommy, will they be REAL babies?
Me: of course sweetie.
PB: No, Mommy. Will the babies walk and talk and move?
Me: (holding back laughter, realizing she wants to be clear that we are not talking about baby dolls): They have to grow in Mommy’s tummy until they are big enough to be born to do all those things.
PB: No, but they will walk by themselves, right?
Me: After they grow up they can do that.
PB (with a big smile): Okay, good.

Friday Doctor Appts.

I was up at 4:00 a.m. and out the door with Rhea heading to Dallas at 5 a.m.
My appointment went wonderfully. Dr. M set our FET time for 12:30 p.m. next Friday. The nurse went over the rest of my med and injection schedule, and we were back on the road to Houston.

D-man’s doctor called for our phone appt. while we were driving back. D-man is on the right track, but Lyme is a slow healing condition. He tested negative for all co-infections, but the doctor believes D’s body is trying to fight not only the Lyme, but a specific co-infection. We agree with her on this and D will continue the treatment for this particular co-infection–We still have 1-3 more years of treatment. Please continue to pray for D, as he is struggling so much with concentration and memory.

I will post more tomorrow, but the words are blurring, and I MUST go to bed! : )

Lists, Lists, Lists

I am not talking Christmas shopping, as I have already finished that (whew). These lists are the ones for us to be able to leave town next Thursday. “Us” being all 6 of us. I am thinking very positively and planning that there will be an embryo transfer and I will be on bed rest for the full 5 days. If that indeed is what the Lord places in our lives, then I need to have this crew ready.

We are blessed to have enough hotel points to have a suite with an adjoining room for us to reside in while we are in Dallas. We will have plenty of room and I actually look forward to the time together in our 1200 sq. ft. living quarters to read together, play games, eat together, and laugh together.

iScholar Canary Legal Pads, 2-Pack, 8.5 x 14 Inches, 50 Sheets per Pad (98142)

Before that can happen, I must work the lists! Although I run the rest of my life on my iMac, I still like a legal pad for planning trips. On my list…There are clothes, toys, games, and computers to pack, pet sitting arrangements to be made, a Costco trip to make, and menu planning to be organized. With Dustin and I on special diets, I am going to have to get creative cooking in a hotel room. There is no kitchenette. I will have 2 tiny refrigerators, period. I am bringing my Blend-Tec, toaster oven, and hope to borrow a hot plate and an electric hot water kettle to take with us.

BUT before that I need to plan meals for tomorrow. Rhea and I leave at 5:00 in the morning to be at our Dallas appt. at 9:00. I have a friend coming tomorrow to stay the day with the kiddos and “run the show” over here while we are gone. We also have a phone appt with D-man’s LLMD (Lyme Disease doctor) to go over all of D-man’s test results and future treatment plan. That will happen while we are driving back to Houston tomorrow. Sound stressful? Surprisingly, I am not. ; ) I am completely relaxed and excited to see what next Friday will bring!

So, on to prayer requests:

  • safe travel to Dallas and back for Rhea & I tomorrow
  • for my friend and all 7 kiddos in our home tomorrow
  • for me to have all questions prepared and asked ( I always forget to ask something) to both my doctor and D-man’s doctor at our appts tomorrow.
  • continued good health for our family as we prepare to leave next Thursday to Dallas
  • and finally, and very importantly, transportation/shipping coordination of our newest adopted little one. It is a closed adoption, so I have no idea where in our country he/she is, but please pray that the 2 clinics can coordinate transportation of our little one to Dallas IN TIME for the transfer next week. 
Thank you all once again for your prayers, e-mails, and comments to us. They are such an encouragement to us and we are blessed by them all!

If you have a minute, please read this embryo adoption Christmas post from a fellow EA family.

Only a $69 Boo-boo

Guess who dropped her vial of Lupron on the tile last night? Yes, the tile won (as a friend told me this morning). I have enough in another vial to do tonight’s injection. Sad thing is I only have 4 days left of Lupron and yet, I must order another 7 day kit. It will be overnighted and here tomorrow.

So, in EA adoptions, we have to account for in budgeting, the “misc”, just like in any other adoption!

So Far, So Good

D-man & I are home from Dallas and I need to get dinner cooking and the kids “spiffed-up” for their piano recital tonight. I wanted to quickly update that my appointment went well and the sonogram showed that I was in the upper end of normal for my lining measurement (very good news). Standard blood work was drawn, I chatted with Dr. M for a few minutes and then we were back in the car and heading south toward Houston by 10 a.m. The plan is for Rhea to go with me on Friday, but that is if all of his projects run smoothly this week. : ) Thank you for your comments and prayers!

Leaving for Dallas Today

I am leaving after lunch today to head to Dallas. It is close to a 4 hour drive and since my appt. is at 8:45 tomorrow morning, I am driving in to spend the night. D-man is going with me to tag-along : ) It will be nice to have the company and because we have multiple kiddos, we purposefully plan one-on-one time with each kiddo on a regular basis. We will be addressing our Christmas cards tonight & munching on pumpkin bread and sipping hot tea as we stay cozy in our hotel room. : )

This appt is for my first sonogram and also for blood work. I will head up to Dallas again on Friday for my 2nd sonogram and more blood work. Thank you for prayers as we travel. Also, pray that my body is preparing properly for our FET next week.

I will be in the same building with our babies this time tomorrow!

Do You See What I See?

Does our FET countdown ticker REALLY say 1 week & some days? ——————————>

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