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Beta #2

Our 10dp5dt beta was…213
Our 12dp5dt beta is…..

Normally, we would go back in on Friday to have more blood work and see if the numbers are still doubling, but since the clinic and the labs are closed this Friday (NYE), we will have to wait until Monday morning for me to get blood drawn again. He would like to see the number at 1500+, but anything over 1000 will give us breathing room.  Our sonogram is scheduled for Jan. 24th to get a peek!

We are continuing to praise God through every little step of this journey! Thank you for being here with us!!

The Call Finally Came!

We are Pregnant!
10dp5dt Beta#1=213 
I go back in Wed. for more blood work. They want to see this number double.
Thank you for all of your continued prayers!! Thank you Lord for your amazing blessings on our lives!!

Merry Christmas!

Extended family has arrived and we are getting ready for a wonderful Christmas! I will be back with our Beta results on Monday. I should have them sometime that afternoon. I am feeling great and pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Well, I woke up this morning and feel great! I am energized to do laundry (and boy do I have laundry to do). Make the shopping list for Rhea to go to the grocery store for us (because he won’t let me do that because it might be too strenuous ; )

BooBear has a sewing lesson today and the kiddos all have piano lessons today. So, that will keep my time occupied. Now if the COLD weather would just come back? It is very muggy and 68 right now.

We are Home–4dp5dt

These are our new mugs for 2010 from Williams-Sonoma we purchased in November when we were at the flagship store in San Fransisco. We have been using them since before Thanksgiving!!

We are back home and one would think that after spending days of bed rest, I would be itching to get after my daily routine, but oh no, not this time! I woke up this morning feeling queasy. I made my self eat, but I feel icky. I never get stomach bugs, so I have no idea what is going on. It has stayed the same all day, no better-no worse. Just a BIT early for morning sickness, so who knows.

Rhea’s parents arrive for Christmas on Thursday and my father arrives on Friday. Rhea sent me back to bed with a big Christmas mug (see above)  of peppermint tea. I pray I will feel back to myself tomorrow : ) I am glad to be back home though!

The clinic’s nurse just called, my estrogen & progesterone levels from this morning’s blood draw are perfect. They said they will call me on the 27th after I get my PG test drawn. I have a 10:30 a.m. appt!

Last Day of Bed Rest

I’m still here : ) The hotel where we are staying charges quite a bit for internet in our room, but since I have been a VERY good patient and have stayed in bed, Rhea gave me internet for my last day of bed rest. So, wow, where do I start???

Well, first I am going to thank everyone for their prayers over the last week. I can tell you that your prayers were felt and appreciated by all of us. I have so much to share that has happened over the last few days, but until I can get to it all, know that seeing God work through each step has been humbling, joyful, strengthening, & truly peaceful.  There has been sadness as we grieve the loss of 3 of our adopted children & there has been great joy as 3 of our adopted children are snuggly in my womb.

I will share all of the journey from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning soon. I am journaling that and will share that when I finish it. Rhea and I are both forever changed by adopting and are honored to have traveled this road thus far. In the past, each time I think I “might” be pregnant, I count the days and am anxious to take a pregnancy test. This time around, I will wait until the agreed upon time Rhea and I set for me to take a hpt. I will be heartbroken if our babies do not live, however, I have great HOPE in Christ and He is my focus and first love.

The transfer went smoothly. They did not give me any pictures to take home of our babies, but when the embryologist brought them into the procedure room and put them into the incubator, she called Rhea over and the nurses helped me out of bed (I was on Valium by then) to go look through the microscope to see our babies. Rhea and I had tears in our eyes. Three of our precious little ones were alive and looking strong. I was escorted back to bed and as we waited for Dr. M., the embryologist told us that all three looked strong one was lagging behind a bit, but was continuing to develop. She said she prefers to grade them on a scale of A to C. She said that 2 of ours babies were A- and honestly I forgot the grade of our other baby. Truly, grades mean nothing to me. We have physically seen with our own eyes how God took the weakest to live and we know He can continue to grow these babies in my womb.

Medically, my estrogen came back a bit low on Friday, so the Dr. upped my estrogen patches to 6 from 4. Rhea will go by the clinic today to pick up some extra ones until I can have some more delivered by the pharmacy to my house. I go into the clinic tomorrow for another estrogen & progesterone blood draw. After that, back to Houston we go. Our beta blood test in on Monday the 27th a week from today! Rhea and I agreed that when I come home from getting my blood drawn that morning, I can come home and take a hpt.

I have been blessed to be a mother of 16! I have 4 in the other room finishing brunch, I have great hope that 9 are in heaven, and I have 3 in my womb. God is incredibly gracious. I am in awe.

Transfer Update

I am happy to report that babies are safely transferred to Mommies womb.  I received news from Rhea that Shannon is back at the hotel and resting.  Rhea said “everything went well and she is absolutely radiant”  Praise the Lord for his provision and protection.
Please continue to pray as Shannon is on bed rest.  What an exciting day for the Robison family and we are rejoicing with them.  Shannon will update as she is able.  Thank you for supporting them and following them on this journey.


Moving to transfer

My friend Shannon has asked me to post this update for her as time is short.

To the Glory of God 3 babies have survived and will be transferred at 12:30 today.  The Robison family is praising the Lord and holding fast to Him as they proceed in faith to transfer.  Shannon will update in greater detail about this amazing night; how “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame  the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.” 1 Corinthians 1: 27  The 3 babies that have survived were the ones that were not expected to survive the thaw-the weakest.  We serve a mighty God of whom “all things have been created by Him and for Him.  And he is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1: 16-17

Following the transfer Shannon will be on bed rest.  Thank you for your continued prayers for this dear family as they are faithfully trusting the Lord with the next step in this adoption journey.


Thursday Night Update and Prayer Request

We arrived to our hotel on schedule, unpacked, went to my acupuncturist appointment and returned to the hotel. As we pulled into the parking garage at the hotel, our embryologist called. She told us that she thawed the 4 little ones who were not expected to survive the thawing procedure. 1 did not survive and the other 3 did! They have very few living cells and are not expected to make it through the night.
The one little one at the blast stage survived the thaw beautifully, but it became evident to the embryologist that the embryo was not completely dehydrated at the time of freezing. This little one soon started to deteriorate and cells began to die. It still has some living cells, but is not expecting to live through the night.
Our last little one who arrived at the clinic just yesterday, survived the thawing process, but our embryologist is concerned because the blast is hatching out and she feel that with no protective eggshell to protect it that it will not survive either.
She will call us at 8:00 a.m. to give us an update on our babies.
We are AMAZED at God’s work as 5 of our babies are living. We are mourning the loss of our one little one tonight. We are praying for our babies to grow & strengthen tonight. We pray that God prepares our hearts for tomorrow. We pray for rest tonight for our family. We thank you for the support and prayers as we travel this journey. Thank you so very much for joining us in prayer tonight.
Love, Rhea, Shannon, & ALL the kiddos.

Tomorrow is Departure Day!

Not only do we leave for Dallas tomorrow, but something else will happen tomorrow that came as quite a surprise when we heard about it.  I will back up a bit and explain some details before I get to tomorrow.

Most of you know that we have 6 little ones who we have adopted. 5 (4 morulas & 1 blast) are from one family. The genetic mother chose a family through the Snowflake program and then that first adoptive family chose us as the genetic mother entrusted them with the difficult task in finding another adoptive family for the remaining little ones.

We had always been told that the 4 morula stage little ones had a very small chance in surviving the thawing process, but our one blast had a 50/50 chance of surviving the thawing process. Very recently, our embryologist consulted with some colleagues across our country and she came back to us to share, based on her research, that there was a 1% chance that the 4 little ones would survive the thaw. That, in fact, the wrong freezing protocol was used and if our babies are not alive when she thaws them, they more than likely died during the original freezing procedure. On top of that, our one blast from that group was given a 20% chance of surviving the thaw.

Again this only happened four weeks ago. We were humbled when it was brought to our attention about a family who had one lone little blast that was available for adoption. (God’s plan continuing to unfold, brings us to our knees at times a lot more frequently lately). WIth the assistance of our amazing adoption coordinator, all contracts, paperwork, clinic coordination, and DNA testing agreements from all families was completed and our 6th precious little blast will be arriving in Dallas this morning who has a 50%+ chance of surviving thawing.

So…here we are back to Wednesday…I spoke to our embryologist on the phone on Monday and she let us know that she is going to thaw ALL 6 tiny ones tomorrow late afternoon instead of the original plan of thawing 4 on Thursday and the 2 blasts on Friday morning. She will incubate the survivors overnight for a transfer on Friday morning. So, here is how the schedule now goes:

Thursday Morning: We leave for Dallas
Thursday Afternoon: my acupuncture appt. in Dallas, check into the hotel and get everyone settled.
Thursday Late Afternoon: a phone call from our embryologist telling us how many surviving little babies we have.
Friday Morning: If we have surviving little ones from Thursday, and IF we have no phone call from our embryologist on Friday morning that means we have babies to transfer. I will then go to another acupuncture appt and then on to the clinic to drink lots of water, take a valium, and prep for the 12:30 p.m. transfer.

I continue to repeat to everyone we speak to about our adoption that we know that God is not a God of chances. We know that we trust in His sovereignty on our lives and these little ones’ lives. We will completely rest in that no matter the God-ordained outcome of the coming few days. I will not give up praying that we will be in Dallas through Tuesday. Because if we are there through Tuesday, that means there was a transfer and I would be pregnant, and I would be on bed rest until Tuesday.

After experiencing 6 miscarriages in recent years, I can tell you that those emotions and feelings can creep back and I have to fight that fear only through the strength my Father can give. He has brought me here. He is with me, He has given me all strength needed to step forward. Rhea and I both thank you for your prayers and we thank those friends who have continued to show us love and support through e-mails, texts, calls, & e-mails.  We have been blessed for you to join us and travel this journey with us. You are all very special to us.

Okay, off to pack the kitchen things for the trip, but first a couple more injections! May God richly bless you this very day!

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