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Bullet Points

  • The San Francisco trip went smoothly. D-man & I even had the opportunity to “opt-out” at both airports! goody!
  • Lots of blood work was drawn and D-man is now on 2 antibiotics. The Dr. suspects a co-infection from the tick as well as Lyme.
  • The results will be ready in December and our next appt (by phone) is on 12/10
  • I was tested too as she needed to rule out gestational Lyme Disease!?!
  • The Leevster’s 13th b-day bash was lots of fun on Friday-Sat
  • We went to a special friend’s birthday party on Saturday
  • The Leevster & I went to church yesterday. D-man was down hard, Rhea felt awful, and I left the girls at home to care for everyone.
  • Woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning to PookieBear in our bed and “tossing her cookies”. Changed sheets, her clothes, my clothes.
  • Got a bowl, laid her on a towel on the new sheets…20 min. later…here we go again. Why did I think the bowl and towel would help?
  • Repeat the above situation every 20-30 minutes 
  • Washing LOADS and LOADS of laundry–and typing fast b/c my 20 minutes before PookieBear needs me is almost up!
  • Leevster & BooBear just reported (as I am typing) that they both feel “weird” and have a headache and their tummies feel funny. I told them that they better go outside to the woods, the toilet, or a bowl, NO SHEETS!
  • D-man is still asleep. He is still recovering from the trip and Leevster’s b-day. Lyme Disease really pulls him down if he is not careful. 
  • Oh, and I took my first Lupron injection last night! 12/17 will be here before we know it.
Whew!! God is good and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Have a beautiful Monday everyone!!

San Francisco Trip

We will be leaving to go to San Francisco for D-man’s appointment in a couple of days. The weather is supposed to be sunny and cool and we are looking forward to a few hours of shopping the morning before his appt. We will be taking plenty of pictures! Thank you for your prayers for safe travel and for the doctor to determine each of the bacterias we are dealing with in D-man’s Lyme Disease.

Catching Up…

Well, with our tiny ones safe and sound in Dallas, I wanted to post a few pictures of the kiddos. We received a HOT blast here where we live a couple of weeks ago. It stayed until a couple of days ago. Now it seems like fall. This was at a park day with some friends. BooBear & PookieBear are hot & sweaty from playing, but I loved this sister picture.
The lighting stinks in this picture and I don’t have time to tweak it, but I couldn’t resist this expression on PookieBear.
Yes, D-man looks like a growly bear, but he is not. He was just having a rough day with his Lyme Disease symptoms that day, but his buddies were nice enough to go sit by him and chat. Here they are either discussing the upcoming elections or airsoft strategies (or both).
Finally, later that day, Rhea took the Leevster to our local bank as he won the coloring contest they held. Our bank has been wonderful over the last couple of years as we have gone through the adoption process. They are supportive and inquire about how things are going each time we stop by.          Next post…writing our letter to our placing parents & preparing for our trip to San Francisco…do you think I can squeeze anything else in between now and our FET?

FedEx Delivers x 2!

(our precious ones are now safe & snug and residing in the building on the left)

The best news is that according to our adoption agency coordinator, our 5 precious little ones are safe and sound in our clinic in Dallas. They have been transferred to a permanent tank where they will wait until Dec. 16th. When I go for my appt. in early Dec., I will be in the same office as our tiny ones! It was so precious, as Leevster asked if we could see them while we were in Dallas. : ) It won’t be too much longer little sweeties!

FedEx also delivered this to our house today:

Could this be a homeschool science lesson today? uh, well, I think I will pass on that. ; )  D & I did the inventory and put the box away until I need its contents (Nov. 15th). Though, I suppose I should watch the CD on how to do injections? I wasn’t nervous about the injections until I saw ALL of the needles. And that large pile on the left, uh, those needles are H-U-G-E!

Thank you Father for protecting our precious ones through human hands at FedEx and for providing the funds needed for us to receive the box which will help prepare my body for our FET. We serve a magnificent God!

The Transporting Prayer Schedule Begins!

Your prayers mean so much as we approach “turn 3” as my NASCAR husband would say. “Turn 4” is within sight. Here is what is happening in the next few days. Would you commit to pray on one or more of these days?

Monday Nov. 1st: The travel tank for our little ones leaves our clinic in Dallas today by FedEx to Baltimore, MD.

Tuesday Nov. 2nd: The travel tank arrives to the clinic in Baltimore. Our little ones will be removed from the freezing tank they have been sitting in for over 10 years and will be moved to the travel tank in the afternoon and then picked up by FedEx.

Wednesday Nov. 3rd: Our little ones arrive in Dallas at our clinic by 10:30 a.m.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our 5 precious ones, for all people who will be handling them, and for safe travel as they come home to Texas.

**I will update on Dustin soon. We are getting paperwork together to get him to San Fran.

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