We are 27 days away!

I was visiting with our embryologist today and she talked about how “close” we were getting to our FET. I guess it really hadn’t hit me yet how close we truly are to our big day! My last 2 weeks have been so full and busy. For a mom like me who prefers to not be on the go, life circumstances have taken me away from home quite a bit and I really haven’t had the time to think about how many days until our FET. We are excited like anything, we pray throughout the day for our little ones & our clinic staff, but I have just been moving through each day and didn’t realize how close we really are to going to Dallas!! I hung up with our embryologist, pulled up the calendar on my computer and literally counted the days and there were:

  • 2 more days of those “blister pack tablets” I have to take
  • 9 more days until I lower my Lupron dose & start my E2 patches
  • 18 more days until I go to Dallas for b/w & a Sono
  • 20 more days until I go to Dallas again for more b/w & another Sono
  • 21 days until my last Lupron injection
  • 22 days until I start PIO injections, & oral Medrol & Tetracycline
  • 24 days until I start Lovenox injections & baby aspirin for my APA Dx
  • 26 days until we go to Dallas
  • 27 days until our FET!
I had butterflies all in my stomach just thinking about it : ) We are preparing to have a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with immediate family, decorate for Christmas on Friday, and start our Advent devotionals that Sunday. (btw: thank you for continuing to lift up D-man in prayer. He has had a rough week and been in bed. We appreciate your prayers) We are all looking forward to a quieter Thanksgiving with all that has been going on around here.         ….27 days!
btw: I must give a big shout-out to Franchesca at Small Bird Studio. She did an amazing job on my blog facelift! She is running a GREAT Christmas special and her wait list moves quickly. I hope you go visit her check out her portfolio
btw: Did I mention we are 27 days…Oh, I did? Sorry, we are just so excited : )
Thank you Lord for blessing us so abundantly.

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