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How can something so small wreak so much havoc?

I have been just moving through the past couple of months, taking those little OCPs & injecting Lupron with no side effects. Then this past Sunday night came, and it was time to lower my Lupron dose. It was also time to stick this little patch on my tummy and change it every three days. But wait, by next week, I will be wearing 2 patches and then 3 and by the end of that week, possibly 4 patches!

So, currently, I have one tiny patch affixed to my tummy. I woke up Monday morning with a headache and guess what? I still have a headache! Please tell me this is not a side effect that will be with me until our FET day! (ouch, it hurts my head to look at exclamation points) When I add more patches will the headache(s) get worse? I am not complaining. I am so happy to be this close to our FET, just curious about this lovely side effect : )

I just have to SHOUT out loud!

Aaron & Jennifer began their embryo adoption process some time ago. They just received the results of their 3rd FET. Congratulations you two and we will continue praying for Jennifer and the baby(ies)! We are rejoicing with you and praising God for  this tremendous blessing!

Coldwater Creek Groupon Hurry!

Groupon has a great deal today only while supplies last! For $25 you get $50 worth of shopping at Coldwater Creek! The gift card can be used good in-store or online through March 11, 2011. If you are not signed up with Groupon (no charges ever), please use this link for me to receive credit. I have been receiving Groupon mail for a few months. I pass on most, but every now and then, there is one I cannot pass up like today’s! You can also print the gift card out to give as a gift. Happy Cyberday Monday shopping!

Decorating This Year at Our House

We decided to let the boys do the exterior lighting this year & BooBear is doing more of the interior than usual. They are all having fun preparing our home for celebrating our Savior’s birth. However, as I was finishing the kitchen up Thanksgiving night, I was invited to see BooBear’s room. Well, not only is the exterior wrapped with lights, she has lights delicately draped throughout the interior as well. She has a tree with presents in the family room corner of her dollhouse too.  Now on to the rest of the “big” house!

Dearest sweet little ones,

(a picture of our clinic where our precious ones are residing for the moment)
Dearest sweet little ones,

Happy Thanksgiving! I pray that you will be at home with us next Thanksgiving in the arms of family members here in our home. Some of you will more than likely be with your heavenly Father, but know that that is the most perfect place to be and we will be together so very soon praising God day and night. You 5 are so very precious to us!   We have a surprise for you too. Ready? In the next couple of weeks, you will have one more brother or sister joining you! This precious one was given to us by a very special family and will now be your brother or sister. Your new sibling is a very healthy 5 day blast and Ms. Lily will place you all together. God has blessed us tremendously with each of you. We look forward to the day we will be in the same room with all 6 of you in Dallas together in 3 weeks & 2 days! Happy Thanksgiving & We love you!

FREE Amazon Christmas MP3 Downloads!

click above for a FREE Christmas Album download for you and then…

download a FREE Christmas Album for the kiddos.

Organic Pumpkin on Amazon!

Farmer’s Market Foods Organic Canned Pumpkin, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Use the link above to go to Amazon, click the lightning deal on the right hand side of the page and then you will have a case of organic pumpkin for $18 and $1.09 goes towards our adoption fund! Thanks Angela for the tip!

Also, check out Matthew’s mommy’s blog for a $3 GC credit for MP3 downloads on Amazon & help with their adoption expenses!

Thank You for Using Our Amazon Button! Widgets

Every time you shop at Amazon and choose to come to our blog first and link to Amazon through our button on our sidebar, Amazon pays us 6%+ for each of your purchases. Since we added the button to the blog and told some of our friends a few weeks ago, we have earned $37.81 so far for the month of November! That is a blessing to us! Though it might seem like a small amount, we know that these small amounts of money are gifts from our Heavenly Father. Each and every little gift covers a part of a larger need and soon the larger need will be a small need!

So thank you friends for taking an extra few seconds to click on our Amazon link to take you to Amazon! It takes one extra step, but it is definitely a way to help one family pursue adoption! ((HUGS))

We are 27 days away!

I was visiting with our embryologist today and she talked about how “close” we were getting to our FET. I guess it really hadn’t hit me yet how close we truly are to our big day! My last 2 weeks have been so full and busy. For a mom like me who prefers to not be on the go, life circumstances have taken me away from home quite a bit and I really haven’t had the time to think about how many days until our FET. We are excited like anything, we pray throughout the day for our little ones & our clinic staff, but I have just been moving through each day and didn’t realize how close we really are to going to Dallas!! I hung up with our embryologist, pulled up the calendar on my computer and literally counted the days and there were:

  • 2 more days of those “blister pack tablets” I have to take
  • 9 more days until I lower my Lupron dose & start my E2 patches
  • 18 more days until I go to Dallas for b/w & a Sono
  • 20 more days until I go to Dallas again for more b/w & another Sono
  • 21 days until my last Lupron injection
  • 22 days until I start PIO injections, & oral Medrol & Tetracycline
  • 24 days until I start Lovenox injections & baby aspirin for my APA Dx
  • 26 days until we go to Dallas
  • 27 days until our FET!
I had butterflies all in my stomach just thinking about it : ) We are preparing to have a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with immediate family, decorate for Christmas on Friday, and start our Advent devotionals that Sunday. (btw: thank you for continuing to lift up D-man in prayer. He has had a rough week and been in bed. We appreciate your prayers) We are all looking forward to a quieter Thanksgiving with all that has been going on around here.         ….27 days!
btw: I must give a big shout-out to Franchesca at Small Bird Studio. She did an amazing job on my blog facelift! She is running a GREAT Christmas special and her wait list moves quickly. I hope you go visit her check out her portfolio
btw: Did I mention we are 27 days…Oh, I did? Sorry, we are just so excited : )
Thank you Lord for blessing us so abundantly.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

This is the week to put together and drop off your Operation Christmas Child shoebox! We have so much fun doing this each year. We stock up at back to school time when supplies are super cheap, so we can do more boxes. I will post pictures of the kiddos doing their boxes when we pack them this week.

Also, you can include a photo and a letter for the child inside your box AND you can also print out a barcode on the OCC website after you make your shipping charges donation. This way your box can be tracked and your family will receive an e-mail letting you know where your box(es) ended up! Please consider putting together a box. Drop off locations are easily found by entering your zip code on the OCC website. Spreading the love & the gospel across the globe. That is celebrating Christmas!

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