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Our Embryos Are in Separate Straws?

Our embryologist asked if I could find out how our embryos were stored. I found out  from our agency yesterday that each of the 5 embryos is in its own individual straw. I forgot to ask the embryologist if this is a good thing or not? Do you gals know?

Potty Training?

Guess who decided it is time to ditch the Sev*nth Gener*tion diapers? Daddy? Well, yes, that would help the budget! PookieBear decided last night before bath that going in the potty was fun! She was so excited to see all the chocolate chips she got all the cheers from the rest of us.

So, this morning she was on that potty again focusing so hard and anticipating more chocolate chips smiles and hugs from the rest of us. At first, I thought the timing wasn’t the best since we are gearing up for the FET and prayerfully morning sickness soon after, but she is almost three and if she takes to potty training quickly, diapers could be a thing of the past before I am running reaching for gingersnaps and peppermint candies in that first trimester. So, all in all, this is a good thing. My baby girl is getting so much bigger. I pray God chooses me to potty train even more kiddos! Bring on the morning sickness and the messes!

Estradiol (Estrace) Side Effects?


    I start these little tiny pills on Monday–2 mg 3x/day. I have to tell you that I have taken progesterone before (orally & suppositories), but I have never taken estrogen supplements. My levels have always been just fine, but for an FET, taking these tiny tablets are part of the protocol.

    When I picked them up today from the drug store, the pharmacist shared with me several side effects I “might” experience.  I read the paperwork that was attached to the meds when I got home and saw even more possibilities. What should I expect? What have you experienced?

**I kind of like the fact that the pills have an “E5” on them since we adopted 5Es!

More info on Lyme Disease

I have been asked by several people to share some info on Lyme Disease. Here is some info gathered from the CDC, the Lyme Disease Foundation (LDF), and the American LDF, along with details of D-man’s symptoms.

  • Lyme Disease (LD) was named after the town, Lyme, CT where in 1975 Dr. Steere discovered the cause of a mysterious outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
  • LD is only transmitted by the Deer Tick. Deer do not get LD only humans, but adult Deer Ticks are nourished from deer and thus reproduce. (D-man was bit by a nymph stage tick)
  • The tick must stay imbedded on a person at least 36-48 hours before enough  bacteria is in the bloodstream to infect the person. (D-man’s was on his back and he had no idea until after a couple of days) 
  • Not all Deer Ticks carry LD.
  • Early symptoms include a bullseye-type rash around the tick area (though the area itself is not bothersome usually), flu-like symptoms, headache, fever, body aches, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes near the area of the bite.
  • If caught and aggressively treated in the first 3-4 weeks, full recovery is expected.
  • 2nd stage and later stage symptoms are similar, but can include, painful & swollen joints, stiff neck, sore throat, changes in vision,  rashes in  other areas of the body, abnormal pulse, changes in vision, fever, dizziness, memory loss, & many other possible symptoms.  
  • The longer one waits for treatment, the better the chance of the person battling LD for years to come. 
We caught D-man’s early as I know the exact day I removed the tick. D-man then came to us with 2 swollen lymph nodes near the bite site on his back. He really had no rash to speak of. He later developed migraines and extreme fatigue. He has either had really good days or really bad days. The headaches have lessened, but the chronic fatigue really has him down. His lymph nodes seem to be improving a bit though. 

I Have a Protocol!

Have I mentioned that we really like our clinic? We do. The staff and our embryologist have been wonderful. We met Dr. S today and had a lengthy consultation at her Houston office. She was focused, thorough, and I could tell she had actually read my file and knew my history before our appt. today.

This is my test month! We talked to Megan today at our agency and things seem to be looking like our little ones will be in Houston by the end of this month. Since my next cycle should start tomorrow, Dr. S is ready to get going. I left with 2 prescriptions in hand!

Here is what the next couple of months will look like:

9/4– should be CD1
9/6 Start Estrace 2 mg 3x/day
9/16 exam, LOTS of blood work including testing for a whole slew of auto-immune issues, u/s, hysterosonogram, and consents for FET
9/20 still continuing Estrace and adding Prometrium 200 mg once at night for 10 days
9/27 Last dose of Estrace

10/2  should be CD1
10/4 Start Estrace again
10/4 Start Vivelle Dot 0.1 mg
10/12 u/s appt
10/14 Start Endometrin 100 mg
10/18 thaw our four Day-5 Morulas (these are not expected to survive the thaw. I am working on a post to explain this)
10/19 thaw our one 6-Day Blast & FET!

Dr. S says that even if the tests show any autoimmune issues popping up, we can work through that and she feels confident we should stay on schedule. The dates may change a day or 2 for scheduling &/or my cycle not cooperating, but truly, it looks like that our sweeties will arrive at our clinic at the end of this month and we will have an FET in October! We are so very excited! Please continue to pray for our little ones & the doctors who will be handling their care in the weeks to come.

To My Hurting Friends

I heard earlier this week of someone I know who had to say goodbye to their baby too soon. I found out today that 2 people who are very special to me are saying goodbye to their precious ones as I type this. That is three times in three days.

Rhea & I have said goodbye to 6 little ones and though we know God’s will and His sovereignty reigns, it still hurts. It hurts to remember and it hurts to know people who I love are hurting. We were chosen to be mothers for such a short time, but we were chosen. His mercy and grace overwhelm me.

I clung to this song during my first miscarriage and I have for every one since.

I am praying for you sisters. 

QUICK QUESTION! My appt is in the morning…

Okay gals, this is my first RE visit ever (tomorrow morning). We have our list of questions for the doctor about the FET, but you know there are always those “couple” of questions you forget and end up having to call the office back once you are home.

So what were some of the questions you forgot to ask or you just think are really good to ask.  Thank you ladies!

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