I Have a Protocol!

Have I mentioned that we really like our clinic? We do. The staff and our embryologist have been wonderful. We met Dr. S today and had a lengthy consultation at her Houston office. She was focused, thorough, and I could tell she had actually read my file and knew my history before our appt. today.

This is my test month! We talked to Megan today at our agency and things seem to be looking like our little ones will be in Houston by the end of this month. Since my next cycle should start tomorrow, Dr. S is ready to get going. I left with 2 prescriptions in hand!

Here is what the next couple of months will look like:

9/4– should be CD1
9/6 Start Estrace 2 mg 3x/day
9/16 exam, LOTS of blood work including testing for a whole slew of auto-immune issues, u/s, hysterosonogram, and consents for FET
9/20 still continuing Estrace and adding Prometrium 200 mg once at night for 10 days
9/27 Last dose of Estrace

10/2  should be CD1
10/4 Start Estrace again
10/4 Start Vivelle Dot 0.1 mg
10/12 u/s appt
10/14 Start Endometrin 100 mg
10/18 thaw our four Day-5 Morulas (these are not expected to survive the thaw. I am working on a post to explain this)
10/19 thaw our one 6-Day Blast & FET!

Dr. S says that even if the tests show any autoimmune issues popping up, we can work through that and she feels confident we should stay on schedule. The dates may change a day or 2 for scheduling &/or my cycle not cooperating, but truly, it looks like that our sweeties will arrive at our clinic at the end of this month and we will have an FET in October! We are so very excited! Please continue to pray for our little ones & the doctors who will be handling their care in the weeks to come.

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