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This Week at Our House

  • Adoption is finalized! Coordination of transporting our five wee ones to Houston is underway.
  • D-man is still battling Lyme Disease. He had a great Sun-Mon, but today he is down with a migraine. We have seen progress though. A more thorough blood culture will have results for us later this week.
  • Yard sale postponed (again) until my 2 of my 3 large muscle helpers (Rhea & D-man) are back on their game.
  • Rhea and I go meet with the RE on Thursday morning!
  • We are finishing the grant application packet to send to Show Hope on Friday.
  • _____________ <-----leaving this blank to fill in later, b/c knowing our house...there will be something "crazy" to fill in there : )

What’s Next for Our House? Lyme Disease!

Yes, well, it does always seem to be “something” rare and out-there for our house! First, our Leevster had Kawasaki Disease 2 years ago at age 10. Next our  BooBear came down with Mononucleosis last year at age 9. Rhea had bone spurs in his neck and had surgery last month. Now, it is D-man’s turn, yes, LYME DISEASE!
We caught it early, got on top of it and D-man is on treatment and we’ve been told he should be through it all in 1-2 months. This is our prayer because we know of someone who has been battling this bacteria for over three years.  I will post some Lyme Disease info later. I just wanted to update you.
Oh, and yes, My sis had her baby. With our family tradition of big ol’ boys, she had an 8# 6oz baby boy early Monday evening. I can’t wait to go to Austin to meet him.
Well, off to the store for supplies! more later…

My Sister is Having her Baby!


My little sister (my only sister) is having her 2nd child today. She went into labor yesterday and I got to talk to her on the phone as she walked the halls at the hospital. I  cannot wait to hear the words “He’s Here!!” Praying for you Sarah!

(The picture is of Leevster, my nephew (the soon-to-be big brother), and D-man)

Free Pregnancy Planner

Here is a FREEBIE for us EA gals!!
It’s a bright and cheery pregnancy planner for FREE!
The website says:
If you are pregnant or planning to be the NEW HealthyWomenPregnancy Planner is just right for you. Use its colorful, easy-to-read pages to help prepare you for each trimester and for when Baby comes home! The 48-page planner includes a 10-month calendar section to record checkups and other notes. Plus, order the Flu-Free and a Mom-to-Be card, offering easy-to-understand flu facts and prevention strategies.
Let me know if you get it!

Their Contract is in the Mail!

We found out today that the placing family mailed their contract!

And They’re Off!



Just letting you know that the contract signature page and our check for $3500 are being mailed today.

Have a blessed day,
Rhea & Shannon 

Her speedy reply:

Thanks!  I will keep an eye out for it.  As soon as we have both signature pages I’ll let you know that shipping coordination has begun.


We’re one step closer to our 5 babies coming to Houston!

p.s. If you have been following us long, you might remember this post which shows our old mailbox. After that was posted, Rhea said, “Ugh, I have definitely been putting off building us a new mailbox for way too long”.  He even built in a bigger box on the bottom for our e-bay packages. Our mail carrier LOVES that she does not have to come all the way up to the house to pick-up/deliver packages. I love our new mailbox. Thank you sweetie!!

Embryo Adoption Contracts = "More $$ Please"

Yes, with the signing of this:

means we write a

Big ‘Ol Texas-sized check to send with our pretty paperwork!

Some of you know I sprained my ankle over the weekend. Well, I dusted off our antiquated trusty, old PC laptop (I am a Mac gal) and  I worked on our grant application paper work for Show Hope and then the kids took pictures and boxed and weighed items for us to post on e*bay. We were able to get several items listed this afternoon and we plan to get after it again tomorrow after studies are finished. You may click on the link to the right or save me as a seller on your e*bay page. I am texanmom3. Our items we list are donated mostly with an occasional item from the house. The Lego books are the boys’ donation to the adoption fund. The other books and other items are donations from others. When it is time for our  5 little ones


fly here to Houston, we will need to produce another Super-sized check. So, we’d better get busy because we want them here in TX! : )

EA: Prayer for Embryologists & Your FET

There are many of you getting ready to go through an FET, others who are in the waiting phase and other who are pregnant (praise God). Let’s pray this week specifically for each embryologist who will be handling our precious ones. Please pray:

  • first for the strength and health of each embryo
  • for the embryologist’s focus as he carefully thaws each little living life
  • for the wisdom that only God can give to the embryologist in handling challenges during the thawing process
  • for the embryologist’s heart to be moved supernaturally to recognize God’s mighty hand in the little lives he is handling

Please leave a comment if you are willing to pray this week with me and/or if you have a specific FET date we can mark on our calendars to pray. Let’s remember to pray specifically the day before FETs as some embryos are thawed the night before an FET. Thank you for joining me!

The Contracts are Coming!

These are are not our little ones, but we are in love with baby pictures no matter the age of the child! In the past few days, we have been diving into learning terminology, photos, and just plain understanding the protocol and process for FETs. It has been so fascinating through the education process. Since Rhea and I did not struggle with IF, we are newbies in the world of REs and embryologists. I have a bloggy-land friend who has been a dear to help educate Rhea & I on so many levels. We are appreciative of her time…Yes, Jen, I mean you! : )  Struggling through morning all day sickness, she has been so kind and giving of her time to guide us along these last few days.

Our initial appt. at the clinic is 9/16, (edited: the clinic called to reschedule for 9/2 this morning) we spoke to the embryologist on the phone yesterday about some details, and we received even more information about our matching (what a great story we will have to share with our little ones). Our contracts should arrive soon and you betcha we are ready to sign!

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