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A Few More Days??

We have been so very busy these last 2 weeks, but we did hear from our coordinator today, so I wanted to quickly update you all.

As you know, the first family to receive our profile decided not to choose us after having our file the full 2 weeks.

Our profile was sent to another family 2 weeks ago today. Our coordinator said that the family asked for more time as they are praying through the decision. If by Saturday the family still has not come up with their answer, our coordinator said that we could choose to have our profile sent to another family if we desired to do that.

Obviously, we pray for only God’s plan in this. Our prayer is that the current genetic family would have a complete peace with their decision (yes or no) BEFORE we would need to make a decision to move on or not.

breathe…pray…breathe….pray : )

Profile is Being Sent Out Again

We heard from our coordinator today. She has always been the best at communication with us, even when she is short-handed (like she is this week with her assistant on vacation). She did tell me that another family had been chosen for us and our profile will be sent to them this afternoon.

In the meantime, I have a full list of things to do, but I am happy to take a break and catch pictures of my girls cooling off in the backyard.

We Heard from the Agency Today

We received an e-mail from our coordinator today. The genetic family who has had our profile has decided not to choose our family for their embryos. The family originally thought they wanted to choose a family with children currently, but through prayer, decided that although they enjoyed meeting our family through pictures and our written profile, we were not the family they were looking for after all.

Obviously, it was not the e-mail we were wanting to see, but we know that God has already chosen the family for us and this will all be revealed in His timing : ) We just want to keep you updated as you continue to follow our journey!
“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mt. Zion,
which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
So the Lord surrounds His people
From this time forth and forever.” Psalm 125: 1,2

Embryo Adoption Cost Fundraising Ideas

Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Today marks 4 weeks since we have been waiting for the call from our agency to tell us “We have a match”. (Do ya like the 3 babies in the pod? One can only dream???) So, what do we do in the meantime besides pray? Fundraise! You know our family is all about that. Even when we were not fundraising, we did things to bring extra $$ in to pay off debt, or to make purchases for the home.

Here is an article I read today. It is thorough and though I would change a few things, for the most part, it covers EVERYTHING you need to know for a successful garage/yard sale. We are getting close to having ours and our goal is $500 for the adoption fund. I will send out one more request for items in the next week or two to our church and friends and plan for the last week of July. It will be a scorcher (it is soooo very humid and hot miserable here), but I need to get in the sale before the back to school transition begins.

You all know how selling on eBay is one of our favorite fundraising activities. We get everyone in the family involved. This week you will see items for the ‘Man-Cave’ in the home. Rhea’s clients give us their old A/V equipment when Rhea’s company swaps it out. The clients pay us a profit from the sales price. This can be tedious as the equipment tends to need cleaning, testing, and detailed descriptions to type up, but little by little the money adds up and God is faithful to provide!

Finally, there is a great fundraiser that has a nice profit as well. Ashley, a fellow EA bloggin’ pal (who BTW is days away from her FET!). The t-shirts are fun, upbeat, and have a great message. : ) This is on our fundraising list as we get further along in the process.
I look forward to catching up with everyone this week as time allows. Losing today as a ‘holiday’ will throw my scheduling for sure!! : )

Preserving Anaheim Green Chilies

BooBear and I decided to use the Food*Saver to preserve a batch of Anaheim green chili peppers from the garden. I roasted them on the grill to blister and pop the skins. PookieBear giggled at the popping peppers!

Next, I peeled them, rinsed them,


deseeded them (for the most part), chopped,

and then vacuum sealed them in 4 oz portions.


This is the same size as a can of green chilies in the store. Peppers are inexpensive to grow and easy to put away for later whether you freeze them or can them. These organic peppers would be close to $2 for a 4oz can and $0.89 for a conventional 4 oz can. Either way, the $4 we invested in pepper seedlings has paid us back!

I used some in my King Ranch chicken the other night and in our cornbread tonight. Since Rhea’s neck is still in so much pain from a pinched/stretched nerve, we are staying close to home on Independence Day. So, I think the girls and I will be doing some more pickles and peppers.

: )

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