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Baseball Caps?

God continues to bless our fundraising efforts for our upcoming adoption! Rhea had a couple of baseball caps from an A/V company he worked for 10 years ago. He told me to put them on eBay as he thought they would be worth something. Uh, I’d say so! Here is hat#1 and here is hat #2.

We need to mail the agency another check on Tuesday and the Lord continues to provide!

We’re Hoppin’ Along

(photo credit: The Leevster took this on our property)
Well, we received 2 e-mails this evening. One from our agency in California saying that they approved the homestudy rough draft. The other e-mail shortly after from our SW who said she will have the Final HS in the mail to our agency by Friday!
Our agency is waiting on a signed document from my doctor’s office, and then we will have a COMPLETED file! Aren’t you getting excited? We sure are!

See Us Smile!!

THANK YOU for your prayers everyone and thank you for letting us know you were praying! Our SW just e-mailed us that she has Rhea’s fingerprint clearance and our HS has been e-mailed to our agency for approval. Once the agency approves the HS, then it can be finalized and then we can tell you more! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your prayers! We are grateful for the encouragement & thank the Lord for His hand in the tiniest details!

Guess What?

We are still waiting on Rhea’s fingerprints to be ‘found’! (surprise! ha!)

As soon as the homestudy is finalized, we can get it to the agency. Once they approve it, we will be in their program. Which program is that you might wonder? Well, when we get the ‘okay’ from the agency that we are working with, we will be posting the news!
In the meantime, will you please continue to pray that Rhea’s fingerprints ‘appear’ in our SW’s inbox? In a few more days, it will be a month since they should have been sent. God is control of the little details, we know, we are just being diligent in our prayers for all to work out in His timing.
So, to keep myself distracted, I took the above children to the orthodontist and they will be in Summer Camp at Dr. Hanigan’s office. Though, instead of tire swings over the lake, and roasting marshmallows, they will be getting spacers, expanders, teeth pulled, and one even gets the deluxe package with top braces! PookieBear loves the ortho office. They have a giant fish tank with really big fish for her to ‘talk’ to. She always wants to know “Where dey go-een Mommy?”
Camp starts the first week of June, and we go every other week through the middle of July. Anyone want to sign up with us? ; )

Mission Accomplished

EDITED: SW just called this afternoon, in actuality, the fingerprint clearance she received was someone else’s and not Rhea’s…. back to waiting some more….
The fingerprints arrived in our SW’s inbox at 0600 hours yesterday!

The HS rough draft should be in our inbox tomorrow! We will proof, approve, and then it will be sent to the agency.

We have had sick kiddos all week, so not much posting from me. I will be getting my camera out some more this week and take advantage of the beautiful colors that this early summer is bringing.

(photo credit-the boys: taken while doing their math?)

Waiting on ONE thing!

For some reason, our SW received fingerprint results for Me, Big D, but not Rhea! Our SW has called several times, but has no information yet. Our homestudy is ready, except for that one little bit of information!

The paperchase continues…

You Never Know What It Is Worth

I found this when researching pricing for some vintage Peanuts plates on eBay. I sure wish I had kept my lunchbox and thermos from 3rd grade huh? (Yes, the ad says 1973, but mine was certainly from a much, much later year. Well, okay, 5 years.

But since I am not the pack rat type, I wouldn’t have any of that stuff from the past. I always wonder when I toss something, What would it be worth in 20 years? Well, then I go ahead and toss the item, b/c who has room to store a bunch of stuff just to SEE if it is worth something someday?
So, back to getting items up on eBay I go. We are trying to replenish savings for what we pulled out to to pay for x-rays, physicals, fingerprints, HS update fee, and the agency application fee. Our eBay sales for the month of April were $472 + the boys donated some money they earned…bringing us to $ 502! So far for May, we are at $86 not bad for the 7th of the month, but my goal is to have the adoption fund to $0.00 instead of in the NEGATIVE numbers. So, the girls and I will hit the streets tomorrow for Sat only garage sales in the area and then list on e-bay like crazy! We have $1,438 to go to get out of the negative numbers!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Another Garage Sale Tip

Being the frugal mom, I do not know all the current boutique labels that are popular right now. Well, I recently did a little research after this purchase and now have a short list of brand name boutique labels to be on the look out for when shopping garage sales in upscale neighborhoods. I purchased this one for $1. Click here to see what it sold for. I purchased several more and they all did pretty well! Do you need to pay off some debt? Do you need to raise adoption funds like us? Whatever the case may be, frugal shopping can be profitable for your closet and someone else’s too!

Adoption update: We have our fingerprint appt first thing Monday morning. The entire crew is going, b/c D has to have his b/c he is 15 now and since he is my babysitter, we are all taking a field trip for FBI checks! I will have the last few things in the mail to our social worker on Monday. We all are well-checked and TB-free. Now, on to the adoption agency paperwork & packing a few more ebay items that sold while we were gone today.
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