Whoop-dee-do, Scooby Doo!

Though our children have never seen this show or have ever read any related books, when L saw these at a garage sale he asked if I thought they might sell? I bargained and got this lot of books for $3. There was nothing like it on e-bay, so after researching Scooby-Doo books and the past selling price for book lots, I listed them and they sold for $25.99 last night!

After totaling all paid sales for the last 2 weeks, subtracting fees, and garage sale money spent, we have raised $298.90 for our adoption fund! Thank you Lord!
We still have 25 items up on eBay and several are doing very well : )
We have our physicals & x-rays this week and then we wait for the FBI fingerprint appointment. We are getting closer….

2 Responses to Whoop-dee-do, Scooby Doo!

  • That set is incredible!! I’m actually surprised it didn’t sell for more!

    I had some work to do here to get caught up once again ~ I’m thrilled that your family is moving forward again on your adoption and send you much luck and wishes!

    For some reason your blog slipped off my blog list?? May I re add your’s to my list?

    Take care and its SO nice to see you back on the blogosphere!!!


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