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Uh, I have to admit, though I do not ‘have’ to have comments on my blog, I thought, “Well, I guess everyone is busy and these days and doesn’t really comment much on blogs anymore” Remember, I have been away from “blogging” for awhile.

Well, when I went to sign in to put up a post this morning, blogger popped up a screen that said I had 31 comments to moderate! Uh, excuse me? I never knew I changed to moderation! Not to mention, blogger wasn’t e-mailing comments to me anymore!?! I published all the comments and was happy to hear from friends old and new! I can’t answer everyone’s questions personally today–to your e-mail box (we have out-of-state friends in today and chest x-ray appointments, besides studies), I will take a minute to answer the questions to the group of you in no particular order : ) p.s. it is hard to type, funny how Jillian..Michaels can make one have Jell-o arms!!
  • Christi-Yes, D-man is taller than me and even with Rhea (though D-man’s waist is higher than Rhea’s) I constantly do double takes when we are all home together!
  • Donna– my pic blog is locked? probably, b/c I haven’t posted in over a year? who knows. I will check on it. Thanks for highlighting me on your blog the other day! Your jean purse was so creative! Thank you for the Top ten best posts honor : )
  • Amy-Thanks for the sweet words. The girls are so close and are growing up so very quickly! We miss your family too & no kidding, where have the years gone!
  • Tiffani & Lisa & Tami-My Taiwan adoption buddies. You gals have always been a great support. I loved hearing from you. I love watching your growing families! And of course you may add me to your blogroll Lisa : ) I need to update mine, but I am having some graphic issues in my sidebar. (on the to-do list)
  • The most frequently asked question: Do you know where you are adopting from (country/age/agency) yet? Not exactly, God holds those answers in His hands! We are moving everything to to domestic and should have everything to the agency we are going with by the end of May and then we will be ready to share more.
And thank you guys for all the Happy Birthday wishes for our kiddos. They had a great day with friends eating at Mel’s Country Cafe (I had the grilled chicken salad and snuck in my own dressing & chopped veggies) Though, I know I gained a pound or two just breathing in the fried food ; )
I will post the post I had planned in a little bit!

Whoop-dee-do, Scooby Doo!

Though our children have never seen this show or have ever read any related books, when L saw these at a garage sale he asked if I thought they might sell? I bargained and got this lot of books for $3. There was nothing like it on e-bay, so after researching Scooby-Doo books and the past selling price for book lots, I listed them and they sold for $25.99 last night!

After totaling all paid sales for the last 2 weeks, subtracting fees, and garage sale money spent, we have raised $298.90 for our adoption fund! Thank you Lord!
We still have 25 items up on eBay and several are doing very well : )
We have our physicals & x-rays this week and then we wait for the FBI fingerprint appointment. We are getting closer….

Yes, They Are 15 & 10 Today!

Happy Birthday to our first boy and our first girl born on the same day, 5 years apart! We had a great day with family and friends and of course plenty of cake & ice cream!

Coluzzle? what in the world is that?

A Coluzzle you might ask? It is a scrapbooking tool I used for cutting cardstock many years ago. While spring cleaning an area, I always have 4 boxes/baskets: 1. keep (items to put in another room), 2. throw away, 3. give away, and 4. check on ebay

Box/basket #4 is where I put things to research on ebay to see if there is a market for the items. Yesterday, (using Procrastination Day–Thank you Donna!– to it’s fullest), I cleaned out a corner of our master closet that needed attention. Last night, I took my #4 box and sat down to the computer. I found that this little itty bitty item above was ‘worth’ something. I may have spent a couple of dollars on this with a coupon at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby years ago.
I put it up on ebay with a 99c start price and left it to see what would happen. There is still 6 days left and look where it is!
L & I worked on the Adoption Fundraising spreadsheet today and we have earned $150 in one week. Subtract the $70 we spent at garage sales and we are still in the black! We have 41 items up on ebay currently and more to come!
So, as you spring clean, throw box #4 in the mix, you never know what you may find!

I Could Use This

a good book and a nap! Instead, I have more ebay items to post and math papers to grade. Maybe this weekend? ; ) I have 29 items up on eBay and have around 20 more to post. We paid the social worker $1000 on Monday night, so I have some ground to make up. Happy Wednesday!

Homestudy & Strawberries

Last night’s homestudy visit went really well last night. We only have a few forms left (chest x-rays, well checks) to turn in. Our homestudy should be completed by mid-May.

We planted 2 large gardens this year. It is amazing that with all the plants, shrubs and small trees we lost this winter with the multiple freezes our strawberry plants survived, but they did and they are producing some yummy berries!
eBay sales continue to add up in small bits. I bought some toddler shoes this weekend at a garage sale for $0.50, put them on eBay and they sold! The kiddos are really getting into helping find goodies at these garage sales. Their frugality is starting young!

We are making tiny steps forward, but forward!

Well, selling things we find at garage sales on eBay has always been ‘fun’ for me, but now I have the kids hooked. Right now, we as a family are combining our efforts to raise the money to pay for our home study update. We did find some wonderful goodies to put up for auction.

Yesterday, BooBear found a sealed Bionicle for $0.50! We have it up on ebay right now. After we researched its worth we found out it was worth $20!
We had a point and shoot camera that was dropped in a creek while a certain person was playing air soft (no it was not BooBear). I had the charger and extra batteries at home that were high and dry. So, after the camera was toast and in the garbage, I thought I’d see if I could sell the batteries and charger. WOW! We were blessed with a surprise. Keep an eye out on our ebay auctions, or click on the button on the sidebar, and feel free to pass us on to friends and those who like to ‘shop’ on ebay. We will be posting many items in the weeks and months to come!
Now, off to more garage sales!

The girls are off!


We are off this morning to hit the local garage sales in search of items to sell on eBay to raise money for our home study! We are $800 away from what we need.

**note the pic was from Easter morning..we wear our ‘play’ clothes for shopping. I will post our finds when we return!

Time to Update the Home Study!

girlie day at the deli

the boys and their buddies camping

D-man w/his dinner

PookieBear ‘doing’ her spelling

Well, we have no idea when we will be able to adopt, but we feel it is very important to keep our home study up-to-date to be ready for whatever the Lord has planned for our family. I spent the last week paperchasing and making appts for all of the kiddos’ well checks. We are choosing not to do the injectable TB test and do chest x-rays instead for everyone. Our home visit is next week and we should have it ‘re’-finalized by mid May. Our home study will be Hague ready, domestic ready, just plain ready!

I will keep everyone updated as our journey continues. We are exploring and praying through an adoption option and if it continues to move forward, we will share soon!
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