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Yard Sales, eBay, & Papers, Oh My!

We decided to do another 2 day garage sale. We didn’t have much to contribute as we purged closets for the last sale, but we put out a message to our homeschool group for donations. We also went to garage sales in our neighborhood last weekend and offered to come get their leftovers for them when their sales were finished. So, we spent last week preparing for the garage sale this week. We had several friends and their kiddos come help with sorting, set-up, selling, and clean-up. It is such a blessing in itself to see children pitch in their time and little muscles to help us adopt a child. We were overwhelmed with kindness of friends and neighbors as we approached our sale yesterday and today.

We set a goal of $500. Guess what? In 2 days, God provided our adoption fund with $502! Praise His name!!

I continue to eBay A LOT. In fact, I am neglecting my new love of photography and need to dust off that camera this weekend and snap some photos of my kiddos. I pray you all have a wonderful Memorial Day as you recognize & celebrate the lives of those who gave their lives to keep our country free!!

We STILL wait for the clearance from CO for the HS. I hear it should be mailed this coming week?? C’mon form!! USCIS is next and we have the money ready now! Thank you Jesus!

Still Waiting, but some GREAT News

We are still waiting on one little piece of paper from Colorado to be HS ready. Yes, we have passed the three week mark : ) I am using this time to prepare for another garage sale and do some more eBay fundraising.

The great news??? Our friends Greg and Cara are FINALLY on their way to Haiti to pick up their 2 boys! Go take a look….**
**update** Greg and Cara will be waiting a bit longer. The visas were not released. Keep praying!

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