Algebra & Fevers

Well, mom is starting to feel better. I am still pretty wiped out, but with the baby down with the crud now, BooBear still down with it, and Rhea about to be down, I need to get going!

I was grading schoolwork today (from bed) and realized D-man needs help with his current Algebra chapter. It just isn’t clicking yet. Well, up to this point in his math career, anytime he would get stuck, I could quickly see the problem and how to fix it. Today, I pulled my hair out had to really concentrate. I had to watch his math video, read my teacher notes again and even called my math genius friend. I did it all while letting a toddler with 103 fever lay on me. We finished the assignment though! Tomorrow we go at it again, I am sure. Did I mention, I am dreading the day I have to remember my Calculus?? Praise God that is four years away!

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