A Merry Christmas to Ya’ll

Happy Birthday Jesus Cinnamon Rolls (Paula Deen’s recipe-Yum!).

Merry Christmas to all of you! We have had a wonderful Christmas thus far. Our little PookieBear has been sick with a high fever and lots of congestion. Needless to say, I am weaving, not from eggnog, but from being up with little girl for the last two nights. As I drink my first cup of coffee in almost 2 months (and I am sooo enjoying it), I am anxious to catch up with your blogs after being out-of-pocket for almost a week. But first, I must start cooking Christmas Dinner and go take Rhea’s temperature as I fear he is the next Robison to fall to the ‘crud’!

Merry Christmas and enjoy celebrating our Savior’s Birth!

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  • Noah is sick sick too ;( Itn’t it horrible to see them like this and on christmas too? 🙁 I love the cinnamon roll idea 🙂 I thought I had bought a cake for the Jesus but cant find it. 🙁 Next year I have to be MORE prepared sooner.

    Merry Christmas my friend
    Noah’s Mama

  • Merry Christmas to you, too! We’re all sick here – seems we picked up a nasty cold last week. Our son woke up at 3:30am. . .and not because he wanted to open presents. . .we couldn’t get him back to sleep so my DH switched off with me at 6:30am. I think that’s the earliest I have ever gotten up on Christmas, and I am looking forward to a better night’s sleep tonight!

    Hope you all have a wonderful and healthy new year!


  • Merry Christmas to you all. I loved the children playing their beautiful music the other day. They are growing up. I am praying for restored health.

    Paula and Bill

  • Yummy!!! Those look great! Hope you get some good rest tonight. Hope to catch up soon. The holidays, no matter how hard I try, are always too busy. Blessings to you and your family!

  • Great site!!! Love the layout. Happy New Year. Stop by my blog to show the kids the biggest snowman ever…Snow Zilla!!!

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