SIlent Tears, Dying Christmas Tree, and 81%

Okay, I can’t put this book down, yet, I can’t pick it up at times. I know each and every time I read the next chapter, my heart will be pulled out of my chest. My heart aches and my stomach drops. I leave the book on the table, only to walk away still thinking of the children. They do not leave me. ever. I have been reading the book aloud to Rhea and he has asked me to stop. He can’t handle it right now. Silent Tears, is by far the most difficult book I have ever tried to get through. Are all orphanages like this one? Surely not? Are all SN children shunned? A lot has changed since Kay Bratt was in China five years ago? I know the answers to most of my questions. I just pray that not all orphanages are like the one where Kay Bratt volunteered. How did you move on after reading this book?

tree 2008
Yes, that is an 11 foot Christmas tree. Because God almost took our Levi home this year, but showed us all that He had more work for that boy to do, Rhea let him pick out any tree he wanted. This is the tree we brought home (thankfully, we have high ceilings, huh?) This pic was taken Thanksgiving weekend right after we decorated it.

We went for a weekend trip to see family and just returned. Our tree is c-r-u-n-c-h-y! (I might post a picture later, but it is sad I warn you!)
Yes, we cut off the bottom when we got home with it. Yes, we watered it everyday. Yes, it always had water and never dried up. Yes, it is about to go brown. Yes, Rhea will be calling the tree farm. And yes, it looks like we are going to un-decorate this tree and decorate a new one! That surely wasn’t on the list! However, we will make it fun. In 18 yrs of marriage and 13 years of having kiddos, this is a first and we will make it a memory to cherish!!

China Here We Come!

Finally, our giveaway total is at 81%!! To God be the glory! The fundraiser ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. We will announce winners tomorrow! It is not too late to spread the word. See our website for details!

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