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Happy Anniversary to My Husband

Yep, we got married on New Year’s Eve 19 years ago. We are going on a daytime date in a little while just as we do every year. Traditionally, we furniture shop, but this time we have a couple of other things on our list. We are going to P. F. Chang’s for lunch (I have to have The Great Wall of Chocolate for dessert–I am having withdrawals). We are also going shopping around the area where P.F. Chang’s is.

Oh, we are taking little girl with us. Rhea asked if Pookie Bear (his nickname for her) could go with us. I am fine with that. She is feeling lots better now, but still clings to her Daddy. We will take lots of pics and I will post them when we return.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! It has been a wonderful 17 years!

Caution: Never Let Your 13 year old with the Flu Load Your DW!


Yes, I told you we are all sick around here. Some are better, some have relapsed, some are still getting better (I fall in the latter category).

Well, with D-man’s permission, I give you what Rhea woke up to at midnight! Rhea got up to get some water and when he got to the kitchen there were suds ALL over the floor. He took these after he had cleaned up a lot of it already! Rhea said it took 2 hours of running the rinse cycle over and over to run the suds through.


Yes, my boy, who btw, loads and starts the DW often, grabbed the “DISH soap” filled up the soap holder to the top and pushed start!


Well, I thought you guys would enjoy this! We enjoyed laughing about it!

Ug, We All Have It Now!

I am posting because my fever is down a bit, but I went down with this awful virus right after I posted on Christmas Day. Rhea is still down and although the baby is on the other side of the worst part of this thing, she is still quite miserable. BooBear went to bed with fever and congestion last night, so she is next. D-man went to bed with congestion, a sore throat, and body aches. He is not far behind BooBear. Leevster is taking care of all of us! He has not been sick since his stay in TX Children’s last February. The IVIG they gave him seems to still be working strong!! He has been such a joy and is so eager to care for all of us. Sorry, no pictures of us sick (ha) but here is one from Christmas Day. BooBear and her grandmother are looking at the new Paula Deen cook book BooBear received from her grandmother. I look forward to catching up with all of your blogs soon!

A Merry Christmas to Ya’ll

Happy Birthday Jesus Cinnamon Rolls (Paula Deen’s recipe-Yum!).

Merry Christmas to all of you! We have had a wonderful Christmas thus far. Our little PookieBear has been sick with a high fever and lots of congestion. Needless to say, I am weaving, not from eggnog, but from being up with little girl for the last two nights. As I drink my first cup of coffee in almost 2 months (and I am sooo enjoying it), I am anxious to catch up with your blogs after being out-of-pocket for almost a week. But first, I must start cooking Christmas Dinner and go take Rhea’s temperature as I fear he is the next Robison to fall to the ‘crud’!

Merry Christmas and enjoy celebrating our Savior’s Birth!

SIlent Tears, Dying Christmas Tree, and 81%

Okay, I can’t put this book down, yet, I can’t pick it up at times. I know each and every time I read the next chapter, my heart will be pulled out of my chest. My heart aches and my stomach drops. I leave the book on the table, only to walk away still thinking of the children. They do not leave me. ever. I have been reading the book aloud to Rhea and he has asked me to stop. He can’t handle it right now. Silent Tears, is by far the most difficult book I have ever tried to get through. Are all orphanages like this one? Surely not? Are all SN children shunned? A lot has changed since Kay Bratt was in China five years ago? I know the answers to most of my questions. I just pray that not all orphanages are like the one where Kay Bratt volunteered. How did you move on after reading this book?

tree 2008
Yes, that is an 11 foot Christmas tree. Because God almost took our Levi home this year, but showed us all that He had more work for that boy to do, Rhea let him pick out any tree he wanted. This is the tree we brought home (thankfully, we have high ceilings, huh?) This pic was taken Thanksgiving weekend right after we decorated it.

We went for a weekend trip to see family and just returned. Our tree is c-r-u-n-c-h-y! (I might post a picture later, but it is sad I warn you!)
Yes, we cut off the bottom when we got home with it. Yes, we watered it everyday. Yes, it always had water and never dried up. Yes, it is about to go brown. Yes, Rhea will be calling the tree farm. And yes, it looks like we are going to un-decorate this tree and decorate a new one! That surely wasn’t on the list! However, we will make it fun. In 18 yrs of marriage and 13 years of having kiddos, this is a first and we will make it a memory to cherish!!

China Here We Come!

Finally, our giveaway total is at 81%!! To God be the glory! The fundraiser ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. We will announce winners tomorrow! It is not too late to spread the word. See our website for details!

Snow and We’re at 43%

Can you believe it? It snowed here in Houston today! It snowed all around Houston (which is where we are). It RARELY snows here. In fact, I have lived in and around Houston for over 30 years quite awhile. I can count the times I have seen snow here on one hand. This time, we got a pretty good dusting. Pictures you ask? Where are they? I took some, my son took some and none of them came out. I must not have adjusted my settings back from when I was playing around on manual the other day. I will play around with post processing and see what I can do.

WOW! in 24 hours our Gift Card Giveaway total has brought us to 43%! God is good and he is showing us his goodness through family, friends, and people we don’t even know.

Finally, we have really, really, good news. We have sent in an application to an agency we really wanted to work with even back when we were looking to adopt from Taiwan. Yes, we sent in an app and were going to go with another agency, but after we signed, things changed. We will leave it there. Rhea and I prayed and pulled out our massive, disorganized mound of paper adoption research file from months past. I found a checklist where I checked off answers from agencies to questions we had. Uh-oh, I saw where I didn’t call back one of the favorite agencies! I thought they were off our list and wouldn’t work with us? Oh well, maybe I need a dossier preparation coordinator nap or chocolate or coffee…

So, all of that to let you know we have sent our app and app fee to Marci at ASIA! We are super excited!

Where We Are This Christmas, Are You There Too?

(Please Pause Christmas Music on Sidebar Before Watching the Video Above)

Where we are for Christmas is here in Texas, but our hearts are in China. Although we have just begun the journey to our child in China, we pray for our child every day throughout the day. I have followed so many of your journeys. I have watched some of you go to Taiwan and China and now you are home, Merry Christmas!

I am watching some of you prepare and pack those suitcases as I type, as you get ready to leave so very soon to get your precious babies!

Some friends are preparing their dossiers, just as we are. Merry Christmas!

Other friends I know have been waiting for a referral for many months. Some friends are waiting for the slow judge to just pick up the papers and sign. The beginning of this song really sings true to your hearts, I know. My heart goes out to each of you in this situation. Please know that I pray for your children and bureaucracy to move along. Merry Christmas!

One thing we all have in common is that God placed on each of our families’ hearts a desire, an ache for a child, an orphan, who needed a Christian family, a forever home, with a mother and a father to train the child in the ways of the Lord. We are each on this journey together. Whether you are home with your child, still waiting or just beginning, this Christmas, God has given us all the gift of new life with His Son and the gift of having another child to raise to honor and serve Him. The calling He placed in all of our hearts is real. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He has chosen you, Mommy, to be a mother to an orphan. What an honor and a tremendous blessing.

So, as we all place an extra stocking up this year, whether it is to be filled, this Christmas or next, our chosen child will have a forever family so very soon.

Set an extra place at the table this Advent season. The seat will be filled soon. God is Sovereign. Praise Him to whom all blessings flow!

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