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The Votes Are In!

After having our fourth and final homestudy visit with our SW on Friday, we learned even more about SN. We are blessed because our SW has spent her entire full time career as a caseworker for our state to help SN children get the help they need. She is a wealth of information on special needs children. Another great source is a click away on my sidebar.

This site was developed by a team of adoptive mothers of SN children from China. It is a fabulous resource!

Well, the poll results are in! If you could have a $200 gift card from any of the stores I listed, you chose in the following order:

1. Home Depot
2. Old Navy
3. Barnes & Noble
4. Pottery Barn
5. Williams-Sonoma

Well, you will have your chance to win them all! Our family will be launching a Gift Card Giveaway this coming week. There will be one giveaway with $500 in gift cards to be had. The other giveaway will be for a $100 Old Navy gift card, just for spreading the word about our fundraiser!

We have home study,immigration, and dossier & agency fees all about to hit in Dec/Jan. As things change in the SN adoption world, we have been advised by many to prepare our dossier and have it to China (DTC) or close to it before we find our child. Immigration is taking 120 days at this point and China requires us to be 90 days DTC upon asking to adopt a child [Letter of Intent (LOI)]. China will grant extensions, but sometimes not. Therefore, we are signed with an agency and are getting going with putting together our dossier.

We don’t have a picture of the child we will be adopting. God holds that in His hands. However, each evening, we pray as a family for the son/daughter brother/sister, who we will hold someday soon. We pray that our child is sleeping well in a room full of other children in the orphanage. We pray that our child is bonding with one of the nannies. We pray that our child is receiving the attention he/she needs. We pray that God will begin to prepare his/her heart to know Jesus and live a life that glorifies Him.

So, check back this week. We pray this week as you gather with family, your Thanksgiving will be blessed!


Yes, I am quite attached to Starbucks at times, and as of late, this has been the case. As I grab a Venti Latte this weekend, I would like to curl up with my laptop and a movie a good book. Would you guys share your favorite books on attachment or any other adoption related good reads I should check out? It is supposed to be 38 degrees when we wake up in the morning! It is hard to believe since right now it is 80!

China SN…Here We Come!!!!!

I’m speechless, crying, and my heart is about to bust right out of my chest! We found the best agency ever. I thought we had researched all of them, but after things weren’t looking good for us in the Int’l adoption world, our SW suggested another agency and after they asked us questions and researched, we have lift off!! We can adopt through China SN! Rhea and I both have felt all along that our child has already been born and is waiting for a forever family. I have the apps in my inbox, I have already called Rhea who I had to keep asking, “are you there?” He said he was just praising God!

Thank you for all your prayers! I am happy dancin’ all over the house!

No News Yet

Okay, I know one of the fruits of the Spirit is patience, but, oh my, is He giving me a training session on how to be patient! I haven’t heard a thing back from the different agencies. I know they would call if they had answers for us. So, we have been praying and praying some more. We are also looking into domestic adoption again. We really have a heart for children with SN. We are torn and we know God will show us His plan in His time. The above pic is from our CO trip. The kids woke up on 10/12 to a winter scene. It all melted by the late afternoon, but in the meantime, our kiddos played and played!

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