New Direction

I haven’t wanted to post. I really didn’t quite know what to say. The Lord has moved in so many ways in our adoption this past week. We are no longer going with the agency we had planned to use. We heard something that raised a red flag for us. After discussing our concerns with a reliable source, we knew God was directing us away from that agency. So, we began the phone calls once again to agencies. During the next few days we found out that we are not going to be able to go with Taiwan for our adoption.

We are now waiting to hear back from CCAA for a pre-approval of sorts for China’s SN program. We should find out at the end of the week their answer. If they say we are approved, we are going forward with China.

When Rhea and I met for coffee months ago, I was ready to adopt SN. Rhea was not. We went forward with Taiwan, the paperchase for the HS and then the HS. After we received the news about the Taiwan agency, Rhea said he felt we should go with China SN. I can see how God used these last few months to guide us through the baby steps forward in the adoption process to lead us toward special needs. Now, will we be able to adopt from China? We are prayerful and we will see very soon. We have been in contact with several wonderful agencies that have come highly recommended. In the meantime, I check the waiting child lists. Will you join us in prayer this week for us to be approved by CCAA if it His will? : )

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