Snow? no. But I Do Get to Go out for Dinner!

We looked forward to seeing snow yesterday, but we didn’t. That is okay. We have time since we will be here for another 2 weeks. After schoolwork and Rhea is through w/work for the day. We get to go ‘into’ town and shop and go out to eat and I hear LOTS of chocolate is in my future. Why? it is my birthday today. I can’t think of a better place to be than Colorado! Do you think I can find Thai food or Tex-Mex here? ha!
I will take pics of our time today and have a follow-up b-day post later.

Adoption news? Well, I was getting pics together for the application and realized I did not take pictures of the house! So, I am having a friend go by my house today and take some and e-mail them! Did I finish the Intro Letter? uh, well, uh,….no. It is so tough. It is so important. I guess I need to approach the letter like I did on college exams: go with what I knew, my gut and the first thing I wrote!

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