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Yes, today is POAS day so to speak. I feel like it is. This morning I woke up w/ a nervous tummy. Today is the first day we might “find out”! The agency asst. director was going to be able to speak to their facilitator last night to see if China will let us adopt. So we may have an answer today or we may not. We’ll see if we are “positive” or “negative” very soon!

UPDATE: I got impatient and called the agency and left a msg. earlier this afternoon. It is close to 5:00 and nothing yet.

New Direction

I haven’t wanted to post. I really didn’t quite know what to say. The Lord has moved in so many ways in our adoption this past week. We are no longer going with the agency we had planned to use. We heard something that raised a red flag for us. After discussing our concerns with a reliable source, we knew God was directing us away from that agency. So, we began the phone calls once again to agencies. During the next few days we found out that we are not going to be able to go with Taiwan for our adoption.

We are now waiting to hear back from CCAA for a pre-approval of sorts for China’s SN program. We should find out at the end of the week their answer. If they say we are approved, we are going forward with China.

When Rhea and I met for coffee months ago, I was ready to adopt SN. Rhea was not. We went forward with Taiwan, the paperchase for the HS and then the HS. After we received the news about the Taiwan agency, Rhea said he felt we should go with China SN. I can see how God used these last few months to guide us through the baby steps forward in the adoption process to lead us toward special needs. Now, will we be able to adopt from China? We are prayerful and we will see very soon. We have been in contact with several wonderful agencies that have come highly recommended. In the meantime, I check the waiting child lists. Will you join us in prayer this week for us to be approved by CCAA if it His will? : )

Homestudy Visit

Well, after today I am ready to go sit in one of those chairs in the picture above. However, the paperchase has thickened. I see a couple of reams of paper in my future!

The visit went well. Our SW is great and said she was looking forward to working with us. Rhea leaves in 2 weeks for Colorado, so I need to make sure a few things get completed before he leaves. First, we have a date! just he & I. We finally get a day away to be a couple. I have it all planned out. It is going to be a romantic excursion. Here are my plans:

First, we are going to take a drive into the city to visit the Sheriff’s Dept. We’ll request some papers and pay some money and then holding hands walk out to the parking lot, and talk about where we’ll eat lunch. First though, we need to make one more stop. Yes, the Social Security Office. I know you are jealous. Yes, Yes, we will take a number, enjoy the decor, and wait to be served. When our table, uh counter, is ready we will order off the SS menu. We want the his and her special please. However, the price doesn’t seem so special. Well, no time for dessert, our date has only just begun!

Next, Rhea whisks me off to the doctor’s office where we agree to get matching tattoos, uh TB tests. We pay our money there and drive on to our next date stop. You are super jealous now aren’t ya?

As we drive back to our side of town, we stop for a photo session. This is great b/c we don’t have a current professional photo of just the two of us. Oh, wait, you just want one of us at a time? That’s it, one picture? Oh that’s right, it’s only our Passport photos.

What a beautiful date we are having thus far. I am sorry it is coming to an end. The cell phone rings. It’s our eldest telling us the vet called and we can pick up the cats(who had to get updated vaccinations for the HS)from the vet on our way home. What a wonderful way to finish our date.

We pick up the cats and as we approach Starbucks, Rhea suggests we stop for some coffee. I have to pass as my physical is tomorrow and I want to be off caffeine.

We arrive at the house, let the cats out, and before collapsing in the family room we remember we must photograph it for the paperchase!

Thank you everyone for the support, e-mails, phone calls (you know who you are CA girl), and prayers. If you want the details on how you can have a date like mine, let me know. ha.

Happy Birthday to My Baby!

PookieBear had a wonderful birthday. She slept in, played, ate Lo Mein for lunch, took a long nap, and is about to open her presents and have her banana bread (cake).

Tomorrow I take BooBear in for a well check so the pediatrician will fill out the physical form for the HS. Other than that, I have a bit of de-cluttering to do before our HS on Saturday. I must run, my plastic container drawer is being emptied by the birthday girl.

Mommy Doesn’t Want Me to Have a Birthday Party!

Yeppers, that is right. I do not want my precious baby to turn one tomorrow. She is the child we never thought we could have. Who knows if we can have another one. Our adopted child-to-be will more than likely will be over 2yo. So, yes, tonight when I rock and sing to her to sleep & tuck her in tight, I will pray over her and thank the Lord for this amazing year with such a wonderful child. I treasured each laugh, late-night feeding, cuddle, hug, and all first year milestones these past twelve months, but the months just zipped by anyway. I love you my sweet PookieBear! Sweet dreams my soon to be 1 year old. It’s alright, I am ready now, you may have your birthday! : )

Trip Highlights

This is what PookieBear thought of her photo shoots while we were in Colorado. Actually this was a different day, but since she didn’t feel well most of the trip, we didn’t get an ‘official’ family pic for the needed adoption scrapbook. We will try here in Texas! Here are the highlights of our Cordillera, Colorado and Bossier City, LA (Barksdale AFB for my cousin’s retirement ceremony)trips.

1. With a family of 6 and all of Rhea’s equipment for the job, we had to rent a trailer.

2. I got lost (and lost the kids) in the 9000 sq. ft. house we stayed in.

3. Housekeepers/maids get $25 an hour in Vail Valley–I passed and cleaned the house.

4. CO tries to do Tex-Mex, but they need to keep trying.

5. Much more protein is needed in hotels’ free continental breakfast.

6. DVD players are great for car trips so you can ‘chat’ w/ your husband w/o the 13yo listening in.

7. I always wanted to have a birthday in Colorado, and I had one!

8. I got to see my cousin from Paris.

9. We got to pilot & navigate a B-52 Simulator.

10. We all rode in the back of a Sheriff and State Trooper’s cars on Friday night. (we couldn’t fit in one you know)–we broke down

So, with all that said, we had to reschedule our HS b/c of the car trouble. Our package finally arrived (today) and our new HS date is this coming Saturday. We have family pics to do and I need to get a physical. Other than that, the paperchase is shrinking (for the time being)

It’s great to be back!

Bossier City, Here we are?

We made it to Louisiana. My cousin’s retirement ceremony from the Air Force is tomorrow. We were singing to the Lord and praying last night as we came in. It was raining, and foggy when our engine light came on and then the battery light came on. The alternator seemed to be going out. We prayed and prayed. We were 35 miles out of Shreveport at 10:00 p.m. Our 2004 Suburban packed full, pulling a work trailer, and containing 2 sleeping children, and 2 awake ones to pray with Mommy.

God guided us here safely! Our Suburban is at the local dealership, we rented a new one for the day, and we are off to visit family who have come into town to see my cousin. After lunch, we are off to the base to take a tour. Fun for my boys!!

Adoption news: the papers STILL have not arrived in Cordillera, CO. They can’t be rerouted back until they get there. sigh. Thank you guys for the encouragement though!

We’re Leaving Colorado

We are leaving tomorrow morning. We saw elk, heard coyotes, and played in the snow. It was a dream to be here for these 2 weeks. We are leaving to go see my cousin’s retirement ceremony from the Air Force. SO, Louisiana, here we come!

Adoption stuff: the papers never arrived! I prepaid at the post office for them to overnight them back to our house in TX when they arrive! Our HS is Saturday morning. We get home on Friday night. WHEW! We can’t wait to get this adoption show on the road!

Please Pray for our DHL Shipment

We are in Colorado on business as most of you know. We have notarized papers for the adoption that were sent to our home in Texas. We had a friend mail them here this past Tuesday so we could submit our app to the HS agency and the Adoption agency from here before we returned home. The papers were supposed to arrive today. However, the clerk at the shipping desk clicked ‘Ground’ instead of ‘2-day’. Now, the shipping website says the package is in Aurora and is due to get here on the 15th! It was supposed to be here today. We are supposed to leave on the 15th. We know this is all in God’s Hands and we are leaning on that. Will you please pray the DHL truck drives up tomorrow?

update: the shipping company called. DHL quit shipping to this CO zip code and their computer had not updated that information and they were sorry. Our package has been rerouted to USPS. There is no mail service to this house (it is a vacation home). I called the postmaster at the post office where the package should arrive. She said they will call me when they receive it. WHEW! Still pray for it to arrive before we leave, if you will? Thanks.

Snow? no. But I Do Get to Go out for Dinner!

We looked forward to seeing snow yesterday, but we didn’t. That is okay. We have time since we will be here for another 2 weeks. After schoolwork and Rhea is through w/work for the day. We get to go ‘into’ town and shop and go out to eat and I hear LOTS of chocolate is in my future. Why? it is my birthday today. I can’t think of a better place to be than Colorado! Do you think I can find Thai food or Tex-Mex here? ha!
I will take pics of our time today and have a follow-up b-day post later.

Adoption news? Well, I was getting pics together for the application and realized I did not take pictures of the house! So, I am having a friend go by my house today and take some and e-mail them! Did I finish the Intro Letter? uh, well, uh,….no. It is so tough. It is so important. I guess I need to approach the letter like I did on college exams: go with what I knew, my gut and the first thing I wrote!

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