$$ Our First Adoption Expenditure $$

Yes, well I know that this will be more than likely the cheapest expenditure in the entire adoption process, but we had to start somewhere! For some reason, we do not have a copy of Rhea’s birth certificate anywhere. I have mine, check. I have our marriage certificate, check. Rhea’s BC?, nope. I was able to order a new one online from the TX Dept. of State Health Services for the low, low cost of $22 (ha) for a blue and pink piece of official paper! It is checked off the list though.

Next, we will be getting family photos together. You know, the ones that include all 6 of us, in not just one shot, but many! May I use Photoshop?? : )

Today, I had a ‘heart drop’ and a ‘heart leap’! Rhea and I have a felt drawn to adopt from Taiwan. The 0-2 yo program in most agencies is on hold. We then began to look at the toddler/preschool age program. Rhea and I narrowed our research to 2 agencies. One was our favorite and the other was close behind. I called the ‘close-behind’ agency today to ask a few last questions we had and they told me that they put their older child program on hold. (heart drop)

God quickly moved me from that phone call to a couple of ‘must-do-now’ tasks that Rhea needed me to do for the business. With us leaving for CO in 2 weeks, we need to get our product in and a couple of phone calls and one overnight UPS envelope had to be taken care of. After that, there was History to teach. God filled my afternoon, so I had no time to really focus on the earlier phone call.

As I finished all that needed to be done, I sat down with a cup of tea. Before I could reach for my book, the phone rang. It was our favorite agency returning my call from last week! The information was good, their program is open and we have all the forms to get started. (heart jump)

Rhea and I visited after he got home from work. We are going to continue to pray through adopting domestic and adopting from Taiwan. God is Sovereign. He knows where He wants us. We will wait to know His direction. In the meantime, I ordered a new $22 birth certificate!

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