How Can We Help You Foster or Adopt a Child?

Our family has adopted 4 of our 8 children. These are children who are loved by the families who went through the IVF process and wanted their remaining embryos to have the opportunity to grow and live a full life in this world. We are always open to contact and a relationship through our adopted children’s genetic parents as they are a loving part of the children’s lives. The process to open your home to foster children & adopt children looks different for each family. The road is full of challenges. One is finances. Rhea and I have a big dream to one day be able to fund families in huge ways to help them give children the homes they need. Whether it is paying for fees or travel for an adopting family or gifting a huge backyard play fort or a family vacation for a fostering family Rhea and I have BIG dreams to help others.

This month is National Adoption Month. Young Living is allowing us to build our dream to help others. Do you know someone who is trying to pull together funding to adopt? Do you know a family opening their hearts and home to foster children? Connect me with those you know who come to your mind. I am hosting online and in person fun & interactive Essential Oil classes on many topics this month as fundraisers for families. ALL of our personal commission and bonuses will go directly to families for the month of November. Who comes to mind?


Our Triplets Just Turned 18 months!

These little cuties are now a year and 1 half old! How can that possibly be?  Seriously, people say time flies when you have a baby? Try having 3 and then time WHIZZES by like you wouldn’t believe!! These little ones make each day brighter in our home and messier and funnier and messier and happier and messier…oops I already mentioned the messy part didn’t I?Untitled design

Summer Is Coming to a Close

It has been a wonderful summer just taking it easy and hanging out with the kiddos. We tend to do a bit of school during the summer so we can have more days off when the weather is amazingly beautiful in the fall and a bit in the spring. The kiddos were the ones who decided a long time ago they wanted to do more school/studies during the hot hot part of our Houston area summers to free up time when the weather here is actually fun!

The triplets are growing quickly and are going EVERYWHERE! Eliana runs, Emma toddles, and Evan, well, he walks on his knees. Yep, his knees. He has developed a crazy habit of walking on his knees. So, we have reached out for some help for him to strengthen some muscles and get him running with his sisters. Now, don’t feel too badly for him. He is FAST. He can almost keep up with Eliana! Now, he may have calloused knees I am always attending to, but he is happy and cheerful and loves life…just on his knees!


(corralled for some playtime while we make lunch)!


Rhea has traveled a lot this summer for work, but is able to enjoy some beautiful summer weather in UT and CO when he is away. He and I were able to go to the Young Living Convention a few weeks ago. It was a great time to be together, get away, and see old friends and meet new ones. It was encouraging and refreshing!

I am finishing up planning out the rest of the school year for the kiddos. They all have their interests and activities I need to balance throughout the week as well as make sure we are home plenty in order to have good study time especially for the older kiddos who are doing high school and college work.

I am looking forward to my favorite season of the year. Fall is where it is at with me! Speaking of fall, Rebecca and I have been talking about sharing some of our healthy recipes on our blog. Maybe we can pop up a few of our favorites as we move into the cooler temperatures ahead!

Well, nap time is over for the littles and my dinner/evening routine is beginning! Have a wonderful evening, y’all!

The Babies are Toddlers and 15m Old!!

I owe you all an update!! A long overdue one. I have several drafts I never finished and I will be starting those over and getting one with pics up in the next couple of days! I hope you are enjoying your last weeks of summer!! 11822873_10207572218524412_2977747115401146548_o
Late evening Summer Jammie Walk!

Jade Lemon–It’s that good!

We thought we would try Jade Lemon after all this time. We love our Lemon Young Living Essential Oil, but we kept hearing about Jade Lemon. It’s our new favorite as of last week. We diffuse it ALL THE TIME. Jade Lemon is not a blend. It is a single EO. We have it in our water and all the kiddos say it smells just like lemonade! It is THAT yummy diffused or in water or in your Ningxia Red!!featured-product-jade-lemon

The Great Seasonal Clothes Switchout

We had the kind of winter that just kept going there for awhile. This was just fine with me, since that meant it bought me more time before I had to do seasonal clothes swapping in each of the kiddos’ closets! Rebecca and I started the switch this week. Well, we haven’t exactly gotten to the switch out part, but we are pulling all the too small clothes out for giveaway or pack away for hand me downs.

Honestly? I don’t even think I fully unpacked the last hand me down tub for Emma and Eliana. I just sorta grabbed what we needed out of it as he winter went on! More moments of life with triplets. The Lord has continually worded on my OCD tendencies and I have a tub in the nursery of clothes that we basically dig through when we need something OR there is always the load of laundry on their bed to pull from. I wonder sometimes why exactly we have a dresser in the nursery for the triplets? The clothes never exactly make it into the drawers!

We haven’t even approached the little girls’ room yet, and that’s fine with Sarah as she doesn’t like change! This is her hat from when she was a baby/toddler. She is also on her 3rd coloring page for the day. She colors an entire picture with one color. This day was “purple” day! 2


It’s Finally Spring !

The babies are almost not “babies” anymore! They turned 11 months last week and with one month to go until their first birthday, I can’t say that I am ready for such milestones. The are such a delight and I know they can’t stay small long, but I just love love love this age. I really do!! All 3 are crawling so fast and they help each other escape from the set up barricades! Evan crawls to the windows of the house every single time to watch the chickens, cat, birds, deer, or anyone who happens to be outside! The girls absolutely adore O’s, puffs, and teething crackers. We have introduced chicken breast, avocado, and slivered apples. They all like everything so far. This week diced butternut squash, more chicken, sweet potatoes. We pretty much skipped purees and moved into table food and as you can see, they look pretty healthy!!

Now that the weather is warmer, we are enjoying the sunshine and dressing the girls in sundresses! I realized I have a lot of pics with them in PJs! Whenever I seem to have my phone in hand to snap pics, they seem to be lounging in their jammies! I still say there is nothing more cuddly cute than a baby in their jammies! Happy Spring Y’all!!!IMG_4256



Snapshots of a Regular Triplet Day

They are all kicking these colds and are responding so well to all of the essential oils we are using. So, sniffles aren’t stopping them!! They are BUSY and MOVING!!





Bathtime Hair

Oh Evan!!! This is what happens when you have two other babies to bathe & get dressed in PJs and by the time you get back to the first baby to comb his hair…It has dried!! Untitled design

I am having an Intro to Essential Oils class on Facebook this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. CST. Please come and learn and have fun. There will be Giveaways too!! We have used Young Living Oils and their products for year!! Are you ready to start eliminating chemicals form your home? Are you wanting to start replacing your medicine cabinet with more natural options? Are you not on Facebook and would like to attend a Skype class? email me using the button at the top of our blog!


10 Months Today

Double digits?? Where did this year go? Those of you who have children, when you have one, time does fly by. When you have multiples? It ZOOOOOMS by!! I cannot believe they are almost one!?! As of today:

Evan: sleeps through the night, but still in our master closet (we call it his man cave)! He has 5 teeth, is getting fast with his army crawl He has a high pitched squeal that will startle anyone! He is always ready to give you a smile even when he first wakes up. The only time he’s not so smiley is right before bed, but then he is only just “serious” but not normally cranky or fussy.

Emma: She is FAST!! Than girl can crawl. I mean, you have to be watching her at all times. The weather has been wet and damp and Rhea has been unable to put the last coat of paint on the fence he made to gate off the dining room for the babies’ new play area. So, in the meantime, we have to watch her like a hawk. Emma still only has one tooth and is still not wanting to sit up. Too boring to learn when you have places to go and see like she does! She is sleeping through the night again. She only wakes once for a paci. This has been a much better week for both girls in the sleep department than what we were dealing with previously. Emma is so reserved. When she smiles, she has the most adorable dimples. She also has the most contagious laugh. But like I said, good luck catching any of that on camera. It’s like she knows we have the camera out and she clams up. She also is not at all fond of strangers. She will tell you all about it too when a new face comes around!!

Eliana: She prefers to sit up and crawl from sitting (which we are discouraging). She will have tummy time and does do a pretty mean army crawl, but hasn’t mastered all her “skills” just yet. She is a short napper, but functions well on the sleep she gets. She has 2 teeth and doesn’t seem to have any more on the way. She too is sleeping better at night and only waking once or twice for a paci or a reassuring pat. Since we have been home from being displaced from the lightning strike, the girls have never seemed to get back in the sync of things. Eliana ALWAYS has a smile and a giggle for anyone. She loves people!

Happy 10 months my sweet little ones!!

Here are some quick pics of our time right before bedtime last night. We play, distract, and hug & love on them trying to keep them content before bedtime. Look at these tired faces!



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